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Was Glinda the Good Witch our First Feminist Icon?

Elizabeth Letts, author of Finding Dorothy, argues that before The Wizard of Oz, good witches didn't exist.

By ELIZABETH LETTS • 1 year ago
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The Sexually Fluid Shakespeare: Who Did The Bard Really Love?

James Anthony, author of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Retold, on the Bard's fluid sexual orientation.

By JAMES ANTHONY • 1 year ago
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Nietzsche and the Early Feminists

Philosopher Nietzsche was uniquely insightful for a man of his time.

By SUE PRIDEAUX • 1 year ago
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Josie Silver’s Favorite Classic Holiday Movies

Josie Silver, author of One Day in December, reveals how her favorite holiday movies inspired her novel.

By JOSIE SILVER • 1 year ago
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3 Ways to Finish Your Next Book

Jon Acuff, author of Finish, shares three key writing strategies for finishing your next book.

By JON ACUFF • 1 year ago
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The Link Between Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage

The co-author of Liberated Spirits explains the surprising step on the way to women getting the vote.

By • 2 years ago
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Enchiladas As Love Letters

The Proposal author talks showing love through food (in fiction, and in life).

By JASMINE GUILLORY • 2 years ago
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How to Be a Couple Writing about a Couple

The Mr. Nice Guy authors talk the traps (and perks!) of writing about a couple (who write about each other).