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My Favorite Ensemble Novels

The author of Visible Empire spotlights the casts of characters she can't forget.

By HANNAH PITTARD • 11 months ago
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What Is It About Frenemies?

The frenemy relationship is popular literature, but why? Author Karen White explores.

By KAREN WHITE • 11 months ago

Why Americans Should Still Watch the World Cup this Summer

The Masters of Modern Soccer author on why the World Cup's a keeper (even without the U.S. team).

By GRANT WAHL • 11 months ago
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Guests of Summer in The High Season

When locals and outsiders collide at the Hamptons, anything can happen.

By JUDY BLUNDELL • 11 months ago
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7 Classic Works of Literature that Speak to Me

The author of Know Thyself on the plights of Quixote, Macbeth, Anna Karenina, and their peers.

By INGRID ROSSELLINI • 11 months ago
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What To Read When You’re Expecting

A young mother-to-be finds wisdom—and friendship—in books.

By MEAGHAN O'CONNELL • 11 months ago
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Sharing a Kindle—and Much More—With Mom

What started out as a frugal tip turned into the most special book club of my life.

By ELYSSA FRIEDLAND • 11 months ago
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My Mother’s Secret Language

A lifetime of communicating with my mother through books, even after she was gone.