Author Essay

How to Make Better Decisions: Part I

By Chip Heath and Dan Heath • 7 years ago
Author Essay

Live Video Chat with Peter Clines, Author of Ex-Purgatory

For all you scifi fans who can't get enough of superheroes and post-zombapocalyptic Los Angeles: check out bestselling author Peter Clines, in conversation with his editor Julian Pavia.

By • 7 years ago

Vincent Lam on His Debut Novel The Headmaster’s Wager

Read how Vincent Lam's characters are often directly related to his life- or maybe not.

By Vincent Lam • 8 years ago

Michelle Moran on Her Historical Novel The Second Empress

A veteran of archaeological digs and bestselling historical author, Michell Moran knows her stuff.

By Michelle Moran • 8 years ago

Kieran Shields on His Debut Gothic Mystery The Truth of All Things

A grisly witch trial in modern day Maine sets the stage for Kieran Shields' new book.

By • 8 years ago

Michael Gregg Michaud, author of Sal Mineo Biography, on James Franco’s Film Adaptation

The author of Sal Mineo: A Biography shares inside scoop on James Franco's film adaptation of his book.

By • 9 years ago

Samantha Sotto on Her Debut Novel Before Ever After

I used to think the most anxiety-filled time of my life was when my novel was out on submission to publishers. I was wrong.

By Samantha Sotto • 9 years ago

Allison Winn Scotch Recommends Great Summer Reads

The author of The One That I Want talks favorite beach reads.

By Allison Winn Scotch • 9 years ago