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Video Chat with Bestselling Novelist Susan Gregg Gilmore

Take a peek at our video chat with one of our favorite novelists, Susan Gregg Gilmore.

By Susan Gregg Gilmore • 6 years ago
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“On the Scary Mother Spectrum, My Character is an 8 out of 10”

Josephine’s main torture implement is her mind. She’s got a witchy way of making her mental suggestions come true.

By Koren Zailckas • 6 years ago
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Nap Time is the Most Wonderful Time in Mommy’s Day

Some days Mommy is lucky if you fall asleep for ten minutes in her arms after forty-five minutes of bouncing you on her former exercise ball (at least it’s getting some sort of use).

By Lyranda Martin-Evans and Fiona Stevenson • 6 years ago
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5 ‘Dirty’ Books that Changed Me

"I think erotica sells largely because people don’t tend to lend these books out," says bestselling erotica author L. Marie Adeline. She shares five of her favorite 'dirty' books.

By L. Marie Adeline • 6 years ago
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While Writing My Book, I Stopped Reading Altogether

It was hard to do, but I was worried that I’d take on the voice of another author and because of my memoir’s sensitive and controversial subject matter – raising a boy who is a girl at heart – I had to convey my most authentic voice.

By Raising My Rainbow by Lori Duron • 6 years ago
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What’s on My Bed Stand? P.D. Viner Tells All.

I am writing this as I bid a sad farewell to the beautiful town of Harrogate in Yorkshire, England.

By P.D. Viner, author of The Last Winter of Dani Lancing • 6 years ago
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Food Scenes from Russian Literature to Make Your Mouth Water

For nineteenth-century Russian writers, you could argue with gusto, food was what landscape (or class) was for the English, war for the Germans, love for the French—a subject encompassing the grand themes of comedy, tragedy, ecstasy, and doom.

By Anya Von Bremzen, author of Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking • 6 years ago
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Sneak Peek at the New Novel by the Author of the Iconic Memoir Smashed

From Koren Zailckas, author of the iconic memoir Smashed: an electrifying debut novel about a family being torn apart by the woman who claims to love them most.

By • 6 years ago