Ben Masters on the “Reckless Energy” of Writing Noughties

Having my novel appear in the U.S. was a real thrill for someone brought up on U.S. television, music, and books.

By Ben Masters, author of NOUGHTIES • 5 years ago
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Violence and Making Sense: an Essay from Jay Caspian Kang

Cho Seung-Hui, the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre, was a Korean American from the South who had entered college with dreams, however mangled and bizarre, of becoming a writer. That same sentence could have been written about me.

By Jay Caspian Kang, author of The Dead Do Not Improve • 5 years ago
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Q&A with Kevin Kwan, Author of Crazy Rich Asians

Read It Forward talks with author Kevin Kwan about Crazy Rich Asians, the outrageously funny debut novel that bestselling author Plum Sykes says is "like a Chinese Dallas meets Pride and Prejudice."

By Kevin Kwan, author of CRAZY RICH ASIANS • 5 years ago
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Gillian Flynn Talks with Google Play about Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn, author of GONE GIRL • 6 years ago
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“Writing is Maddening and Emotional” Says Colin Broderick

By Colin Broderick, author of That's That • 6 years ago
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Recipes from Meatless by Martha Stewart Living

By Martha Stewart (c) Scott Duncan • 6 years ago
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Dean Jensen on Queen of the Air

By Dean Jensen, Author of Queen of the Air • 6 years ago
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How to Make Better Decisions: Part II

By Chip Heath and Dan Heath, authors of Decisive • 6 years ago