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Fear of Flying Virtualized

Erica Jong writes about rediscovering Fear of Flying through her fans—Facebook and otherwise.

By Erica Jong • 4 years ago
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An Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild

Aidan Campbell, who journeyed into Alaska with her father, reflects on another daughter lost to the wilderness.

By AIDAN CAMPBELL • 4 years ago
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The Power of History

Alison Love, author of The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom, explains how her novel was shaped by uncovering the truth behind her characters’ lives.

By ALISON LOVE • 4 years ago
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Writing as a Means of Survival

After being run over by an eighteen-wheeler, author Katie McKenna found that writing was the only way she could survive.

By KATIE MCKENNA • 4 years ago
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Home is a Moving Target

Brendan Jones, author of The Alaskan Laundry, wonders if home is something you build, or if it's something you're born into.

By BRENDAN JONES • 4 years ago
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Paris: Never the Same Place Twice

The magic of Paris is that it changes to suit you at any age.

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Life at Two Speeds: A Parisian View of America

A Frenchwoman in the U.S. reflects on the two cultures she straddles.

By Laure Dugas • 4 years ago
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Carving Out a Place to Write in Paris

Nadja Spiegelman retreats to Paris to work on her memoir about the intricacies of mother-daughter relationships—if only she could find a place to write.

By NADJA SPIEGELMAN • 4 years ago