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Truth Behind Fiction: Discovering A Place Called Winter

Novelist Patrick Gale follows the trail of his "Cowboy Grandpa" and finds himself, and his family, on the Canadian frontier.

By Patrick Gale • 4 years ago
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The Books of Summer

Karen White, author of Flight Patterns, on what makes a great summer read

By Karen White • 4 years ago
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Emma Straub’s Bookshelf

Get a sneak peek inside author Emma Straub's bookshelf and the reads that inspired Modern Lovers.

By Emma Straub • 4 years ago
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The Minimalist’s Bookshelf: 10 Books I’ll Never Part With

Minimalist Joshua Becker, author of The More of Less, draws the line at giving away these books.

By Joshua Becker • 4 years ago
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Memorial Day in Jefferson’s America

Author Julie M. Fenster imagines the holiday through the eyes of Thomas Jefferson

By Julie M. Fenster • 4 years ago
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The Books Rufi Thorpe Loves That No One Else Has Read

The author of Dear Fang, With Love recommends five books to track down and read immediately.

By RUFI THORPE • 4 years ago
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Marnie’s Necklace

A tale of good karma.

By JULIETTE FAY • 4 years ago
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On Writing About Nazis

Author Martha Hall Kelly on inhabiting her characters—even when they have nothing in common.

By Martha Hall Kelly • 4 years ago