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Why I’m Addressing Toxic Masculinity in My Romance Novels

Rom-coms are funny, but they're no joke.

By LYSSA KAY ADAMS • 5 months ago
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How Carl Sagan Inspired Me as a Reader

Sasha Sagan reflects on the lessons that her father taught her about reading—and life.

By SASHA SAGAN • 6 months ago
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How Reading Promotes Mindfulness

Cory Allen, author of Now Is the Way, explains why picking up a book strengthens focus and mental clarity.

By CORY ALLEN • 7 months ago
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The Perfect Martinis to Pair with Your Favorite Books

The Martini Cocktail author recommends top-notch variations of literature's favorite drink.

By ROBERT SIMONSON • 7 months ago
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The Literary Witches Oracle

A celebration of famous female writers who serve as wise guides for personal reflection.

By TAISIA KITAISKAIA • 7 months ago
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Why Every Book Club Needs Food

The author of Tasting Grace talks the joy of food (and shares her potato-bacon torte recipe!).

By MELISSA D'ARABIAN • 7 months ago
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10 Words We All Should Use Again

Here are ten old words worth resurrecting. 

By JOE GILLARD • 7 months ago
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Why We Need Novels to Bring History to Life

Carolina De Robertis, author of Cantoras, pays tribute to the real women who inspired her novel.

By CAROLINA DE ROBERTIS • 7 months ago