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How to Decide What to Read Next

How to Decide author Annie Duke helps you cull your intimidatingly large TBR pile and pick your next book—easily.

By ANNIE DUKE • 3 months ago
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5 Books That Shaped Nikita Gill

Nikita Gill, bestselling poet, writer, and Instagram sensation, reflects on her favorite reads.

By NIKITA GILL • 3 months ago
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On Writing the Story She’d Wanted to Read

Well-Behaved Indian Women author Saumya Dave wrote the book she'd wished was available to her younger self.

By SAUMYA DAVE • 3 months ago
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10 Fascinating Facts about the Packhorse Librarian Program

Author Kim Vogel Sawyer shares about the traveling libraries on horseback every book lover should know about.

By Kim Vogel Sawyer • 3 months ago
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Bringing Forgotten True Stories to Life in Fiction

Kathleen Rooney, author of Cher Ami and Major Whittlesey, reflects on the little-known true story that shapes her novel.

By KATHLEEN ROONEY • 3 months ago
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Voting is Sexy: On Setting a Romance Novel Amidst the Suffrage Movement

Evie Dunmore, author of A Rogue of One's Own on why feminism and falling in love are actually compatible.

By EVIE DUNMORE • 6 months ago
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Your Reader Personality Based on Your Enneagram Type

Know your Enneagram type? Then check out what kind of reader you are!

By MARILYN VANCIL • 7 months ago
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The Allure of Older Protagonists

There is always still room for revision, expansion, and squeezing out even more meaning.

By DANIEL HORNSBY • 7 months ago