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The Top 10 Book Boyfriends From Recent Romance Novels

Emily Henry, author of Beach Read, lists her favorite book boyfriends. Prepare to fall in love.

By EMILY HENRY • 4 months ago
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6 Reasons to Revisit Your Favorite Children’s Books as an Adult

Re-reading childhood favorites can be just the pick-me-up you need.

By SHAUN GALLAGHER • 4 months ago
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Why Reading About a Realistic Heroine is More Satisfying

The heroines who stay with us, the ones whose journeys are the most fulfilling, are regular women.

By LAURA MCHUGH • 4 months ago
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7 Reasons to Read Historical Fiction (If You Don’t Already)

Before you set aside a historical novel, consider what you can gain from reading about the past.

By C.W. GORTNER • 4 months ago
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How Motherhood Changed Me as a Woman (and a Writer)

Things that come from being a mom: resilience, anxiety and fear, and sometimes, a book.

By HARRIET WALKER • 4 months ago
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How an Evening Out with Friends Inspired My Novel

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it.

By MATTHEW NORMAN • 4 months ago
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Why We Need Family Adventure Stories

We love the drama, the relatable moments, and the travel.

By AMITY GAIGE • 4 months ago
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A Love Letter to Books

Rick Hanson, author of Neurodharma, thanks books for always being there.

By RICK HANSON • 5 months ago