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The Importance of Bookstores During the Pandemic

Bookstores are, and will always be, a place of wonder.

By NAZANINE HOZAR • 3 months ago
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How Books Can Help Us in Times of Transition

Reading plays a large role in helping people find meaning, purpose, and direction in times of uncertainty.

By BRUCE FEILER • 5 months ago
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The Magic of New York City in Life and in Literature

New York is a city of complex stories.

By LEE CONELL • 5 months ago
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How Book Clubs Can Help End Loneliness

Book clubs have the opportunity to increase empathy, self-disclosure, and deepen self-knowledge.

By MARISSA KING • 5 months ago
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Watching Shirley on the Big Screen

Susan Scarf Merrell, author of Shirley, walks us through watching her novel unfold in the movie adaptation.

By SUSAN SCARF MERRELL • 6 months ago
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Why We’re Obsessed With the Smell of Books

Can't get enough of that book smell? Here's why.

By GEORGE ZAIDAN • 6 months ago
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The Power of Sisterhood in Difficult Times

The hosts of the popular LadyGang podcast emphasize the importance of friendship right now.

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How to Create a Relaxing Reading Environment

Put some careful thought and planning into curating a cozy reading space.

By TANYA LICHTENSTEIN • 6 months ago