Short Story Collections for Fans of High Maintenance

Tuck into these while you wait for the next season of HBO's new hit series.

high maintenance

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If you’re a fan of High Maintenance, the Vimeo web series that recently expanded into 30-minute HBO episodes, you know that it’s about a lot more than weed. Each episode is a glimpse into the interior life of a new character who is connected to The Guy, in a web of people who all buy from the same dealer, but rarely (if ever) connect with each other. Some of the stories told in High Maintenance are heartbreaking, while others are hysterical. Most of the time, an episode will hit on a poetic combination of comedy and tragedy. Co-creators Blichfeld and Sinclair are telling the literary short stories of the television world. So while you’re waiting for the next HBO season, why not continue peering into the unique lives of imagined characters by reading some short story collections?

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