7 Poolside Reads for Summer

No summer tote's complete without a paperback (or two).

Summer Reads

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I like to say my novel One True Lovesout now in paperback—is Castaway from Helen Hunt’s point of view. It’s about a woman named Emma who marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse, only for his helicopter to go down somewhere over the Pacific before their one-year anniversary. Over time, Emma finds a way to love again, this time with her old friend, Sam. But just as Emma and Sam are building their life together, Jesse is found alive. With a husband and a fiancé, Emma has to decide who she is, what she wants out of life, and who she’ll call her one true love.

Paperbacks are perfect for poolside (and beachside, and lakeside…) reading, so I’m thrilled to have this one out into the world, as well as my most recent novel The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which is also available in paperback—and I’m incredibly proud to share the summer spotlight with some other compulsively readable titles.

Featured Image: Matt McCarty; Author Photo: Scott Witter

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taylor jenkins reid

TAYLOR JENKINS REID lives in Los Angeles and is the acclaimed author of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, One True Loves, Maybe in Another Life, After I Do, and Forever, Interrupted. To learn more, visit TaylorJenkinsReid.com.