Escape into Magical Realism this Summer

These 14 books will open your eyes to what's possible when you believe in magic.

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Summer reading: The perfect time to choose unexpected, delicious books to dive into all season long. So what better read to escape into on a sizzling hot summer night than a plot with a dose of magical realism? Most widely popularized by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the 60s, magical realism is a literary tool used by writers to imply magic that’s accepted as rational in the “real” world of a novel. From dream traveling to a girl morphing into glass, these 14 tomes will remind you that there really can be a bit of magic all around us—we just need to open our eyes (and turn the page) to see it.

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About Arianna Davis

Arianna Davis

ARIANNA DAVIS began her obsession with reading with The Baby-Sitter’s Club. While she’s since graduated to more adult titles (ok, so she did reread Twilight a few times…), her passion for books has remained the same. A Maryland native, she now lives in Long Island City, New York, where she likes to try new restaurants and read along the water. Her own writing has been published in Us Weekly, O, The Oprah Magazine, New York Magazine, Pop Sugar, and more. Follow her adventures on Instagram: @ariannagab

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