Revisit Your High School Summer Reading List

Relax, this time there won't be a test.

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Memories of high school include cafeteria lunches, gossiping about who’s dating whom, and hanging out by your locker… And if you’re book nerds like us, the high school reading lists. Whether you were the A+ student who devoured every page, or the slacker who spent more time making cootie catchers, we’ve compiled a list of the books you’ll want to have a reunion with.

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About Katharine Scrivener

Katharine Scrivener

KATHARINE SCRIVENER collects books like some people collect shoes and has an abnormal obsession with Friday Night Lights (#teamriggins). When she’s not reading, Katharine is helping to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, a disease she was diagnosed with at 16 years old. She lives in Baltimore, MD with her husband and piles of books. Find Katharine on Twitter at @katharinescriv and Instagram (#bookstagram) at @kathareads.

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