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These fascinating reads give insight into worlds—real and imagined—that we know nothing about.

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Simultaneously alluring and horrifying, cults are fascinating to us because we don’t inherently know much about them. In real life, they are so isolated that most people don’t think about them during their day-to-day. In literature, however, cults are everywhere. Countless memoirs have given voice to survivors and escapees, while investigators continue to research and write about them in sweeping works of journalism or true crime. In fiction, cults allow readers to consider the human psyche, the motivations that drive our choices and our sense of belonging.  These titles, both fiction, and nonfiction, explore these complicated themes of survival and psychology with nail-biting narratives that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Nicole Fiorica

NICOLE FIORICA studies Communications at Fordham University and is an intern with the Crown Publishing Group. She has recently come to terms with the fact that she will never finish her To-Be-Read list, but will continue to buy new books anyway. She talks endlessly about all things reading and writing at and can be found on Twitter at @nicolefios.

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