Books You Say You’ve Read
(But Never Finished)

C'mon, we all have one (or two).

books you never finished

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We’ve all done it (well okay, most of us have done it). A certain book comes up in conversation and we smile and nod and say enough about it to lead people to believe we actually finished it. But we didn’t. Often times these are doorstoppers (Ulysses) or classics we should have finished in school (Moby Dick) or contemporary novels we know are brilliant but we just can’t seem to get into them no matter how we try (Infinite Jest). So let’s confess! And by all means, let us know if you’ve finished and loved any of the books here. Your recommendation might be just what we need to finally pick up that book we’ve been meaning to finish.

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Kira Walton

KIRA WALTON has been stalking books all her life as a college English teacher, bookseller, book club consultant, author, and editor.

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