Books We’re Giving Our Dads for Father’s Day

No barbecue cookbooks were used in the making of this list.

fathers day books

Father’s Day is just around the corner. As readers, we love giving books as gifts. Especially when we have the opportunity to pass along great reads to our parents, many of whom led us to follow in their footsteps of living a life filled with books. For this collection, we pulled together books for many different kinds of dads. Because no two dads are alike.

What book have you given your dad that he loved? Tell us in the comments!

Bookshelf curated by Eleanora Buckbee

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Eleanora Buckbee

ELEANORA BUCKBEE is a lifelong bookworm who, as a child, once tried to read while riding her bicycle. It didn’t end well. She now reads in safer places. Eleanora lives in Boston with her British husband and a scruffy rescue dog, and enjoys cooking, travel, and photography.

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