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Less Awkward

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We’re all a little bit awkward. You don’t always “get it.” You find yourself agonizing over social situations, or stuck at the center of cringe-inducing moments. You may feel as if you’re the only person who falls short at being “normal.” In your isolation (self-imposed or otherwise), you find comfort burying your nose in a book. But these books are what can draw you back, because embracing the awkwardness present in all of us creates solidarity. These authors faced their embarrassing moments -declared ownership of them by retelling them in memoir, or channeled them into socially-inept characters – and came out on the other side. From teens grappling with puberty and first love to adults still navigating personal and professional relationships, your people are here, in these pages.

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Natalie Zutter

NATALIE ZUTTER has always been a voracious reader, from reading Agatha Christie and Entertainment Weekly above her age level as a kid to squeezing 52 books into the year whenever podcasts aren’t taking over her commute. A 2016 Amtrak Residency writer, Natalie also writes plays about superheroes and sex robots, and Tumblr rants about fandom. You can find her giggling over pop culture memes on Twitter @nataliezutter.