Books to Get You Through Wedding Season

As the weather gets warm, that means working up a sweat, because we’re entering wedding season! Whether you’re hoofing it all over the place to destination weddings, or panicking because you’ve been appointed the “honor” of being a bridesmaid, or getting hitched yourself while watching everything go wrong, this happy time can get overshadowed by frustration and stress. Instead of obsessing over who catches the bouquet, pick up these books: You can live vicariously through other characters’ nuptial hijinks, laugh at real-life anecdotes, pick up some tips, and even contemplate the meaning of love and marriage itself. Like today’s brides, these books are not all traditional: Some are offbeat, some are choose-your-own-adventure, and in some, the bride doesn’t even know who her groom is!

Collection curated by Natalie Zutter.

What’s your favorite bridal book of all time?

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About Natalie Zutter

Natalie Zutter

NATALIE ZUTTER has always been a voracious reader, from reading Agatha Christie and Entertainment Weekly above her age level as a kid to squeezing 52 books into the year whenever podcasts aren’t taking over her commute. A 2016 Amtrak Residency writer, Natalie also writes plays about superheroes and sex robots, and Tumblr rants about fandom. You can find her giggling over pop culture memes on Twitter @nataliezutter.

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