7 Books to Celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month

Featuring queer voices and protagonists, these stories center on LGBTQ+ folks and gender identity.

LGBT History

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October is LGBTQ+ History Month, a time for us to honor and celebrate the many queer voices that have impacted our society. Historically, stories of LGBTQ+ individuals have often been erased or swept under the rug, and this is especially true when it comes to the literature of the past few centuries. Although we still have a long way to go, we’ve certainly made progress in amplifying LGBTQ+ voices, and the desire to see more queer characters in all forms of media is clearly resonant.

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month, here’s a list of books that tell stories of LGBTQ+ main characters and narrators. Each book highlights either a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or gender nonconforming figure at the helm of the story, and offers a varying perspective on the struggles of coming out and the importance of owning one’s sexual and gender identity in past and present-day society.

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