7 Books for Soul Seekers

Let these thought-provoking reads be the star map for your spiritual journey.

soul seekers

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Quest. Defined as “a long or arduous search for something,” there’s no better word to capture the experience of seeking meaning in life.

Why am I here? What is my purpose? Is there a supreme being? How do I find happiness?

As short as each of these questions may be, the answers are infinite and deeply, deeply personal. But simply asking them hints that your journey has already begun.

Although there are no quick-fixes toward enlightenment, we’ve rounded up seven books—new and old, and from women and men of all walks of life—that may help illuminate the possibilities within. Add them to your proverbial pack, along with intention, patience, and self-reflection, and get ready to hit the trail.

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Mandy Major

MANDY MAJOR is a writer and editor who recently traded New York City’s skyscrapers for the Connecticut shoreline. Her writing has appeared in The New York TimesEvery Day with Rachael Ray, and Prevention, among other publications. A reading advocate and board member for her local library, she is working on her first collection of short stories.