7 Books on Saying Thank You

The co-author of The Book of You: For My Child, with Love (A Keepsake Journal), shares books that have taught her about gratitude.

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By now, most of us understand that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is good for our mental health and relationships, but is putting our intentions into practice easy? Not always. Even the most conscientious of us needs tools and reminders, perhaps daily PSAs asking: For what or to whom could you be thankful for right now?

And once graced with gratitude, is it enough to feel it or do we need to express it, and how? My husband and I create journals with writing prompts to help people honor special relationships by recording the many ways they adore someone. In our experience, it’s every bit as lovely to write in and give these journals as they are to receive. Our most recent—The Book of You: For My Child with Love (A Keepsake Journal)—helps parents tell their grown child, “I appreciate you.”

As a highly imperfect thanker myself, I’m a perpetual student of the art of gratitude. Here is a sampling of the diverse books that have been my patient teachers.

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KATE MARSHALL is an adult literacy teacher and advocate through public libraries. She and her husband, David Marshall, are the co-authors of popular guided journals for celebrating love, relationships, and personal growth, including What I Love About You; Picture of Me; The Book of Us; and more. After leading semi-nomadic lives in earlier years, David and Kate are now firmly planted in northern California.

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