7 Books to Get You in the Back-to-School Mood

These books will prep you for stressful and exciting months to come—independent of your enrollment status.


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Over the past few weeks, whether online, among friends, in stores, or on TV, you’ve probably heard a lot about “back-to-school.” In its most literal sense, the term refers to the commencement of the fall academic semester, and the concomitant revival of all things scholastic—coursework, team sports, red-tag sales on marble notebooks, packed lunches. In a broader sense, though, the term refers to a kind of atmospheric change, vague and bigger than its name suggests, and all sorts of people, not just students, feel its effects. Temperatures fall, pressures at work increase, and projects or concerns that might have taken a backseat during the summer months return to the fore, demanding our attention. These books, from an advice collection to a tidying how-to, will prep you for the sometimes stressful, but just as often exciting, months to come—independent of your enrollment status.

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