7 Books for the Artist in You

These books reveal the delightfully messy road artists and musicians take in order to make their art.


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Stories about artists have an invitingly gossipy quality to them—all those anecdotes of spilled coffee and bloodshed granting the feel of the intimate. Inspired by Mel and Sharon, the beleaguered animated cartoonists of The Animators, I’ve compiled a list of seven stellar stories of artists, each depicting the long, rocky road one is often required to travel before putting a piece of art out into the world—from waving a firearm outside Graceland to snorting ants. Enjoy!

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KAYLA RAE WHITAKER was born and raised in Kentucky. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and of New York University’s MFA program, which she attended as a Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholar. She lives in Louisville. This is her first novel.