7 Books about the Lastingness of Childhood

Leaving Neverland has its perks after all. The Gunners author shares intense books about adolescence.


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For a number of years and for no good reason, I steered clear of books about childhood. I suppose I had greater interest in narratives that spoke directly to my life-stage and circumstances. But how many of our current (adult) circumstances, challenges, patterns, and so on are derived from things we experienced as children?

Overwhelmingly, I believe we’re a product of things we were taught or exposed to as children, and how we navigate the past—particularly when it’s a source of discomfort—intrigues me. Thankfully, I overcame my aversion to stories about children, and in the past few years, I’ve read some truly stand-out novels which focus in large part on the lasting impacts of childhood events.

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Featured Image: Johannes Plenio/Unsplash; Author Photo: Rachel Herr

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REBECCA KAUFFMAN is originally from rural northeastern Ohio. She received her B.A. in Classical Violin Performance from the Manhattan School of Music, and several years later, she received her MFA in Creative Writing from New York University. She currently lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She is also the author of Another Place You’ve Never Been, which was a Center for Fiction long-list finalist.