5 of the Spookiest Books Ever Written

Light some candles, check under the bed, and read at your own risk.

Spookiest Books

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Happy Halloween! I’m Fran Krause, author of The Creeps, a new collection of comics about irrational fears, nightmares, and how sometimes little lights in the distance that you think are fireflies are actually the glowing eyes of undead ghouls that won’t rest until you’re in your grave. Here are some of my favorite spooky books—that inspired my own—for your creepy Halloween reading enjoyment. (Proceed at your own risk.)

Featured Image: Shutterstock; Author Photo: Fran Krause

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fran krause

FRAN KRAUSE is an animator and cartoonist. He is currently a teacher in the character animation program at CalArts, creator of several cartoons, and the creator of the Deep Dark Fears webcomic series and book. Find more of his work at deepdarkfears.com.

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