5 Collections We’re Reading for National Poetry Month

Celebrate with these gorgeous and approachable collections that speak to our world and ourselves.

National poetry month

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I didn’t always think of myself as a “poetry person.” I thought poems were reserved for the most high-brow among us, someone who could read a poem and infer pages of meaning from only a few lines. Boy, was I wrong. Every April is National Poetry Month, and I make it a point to read a few poetry collections to celebrate.

Every time I pick up a volume, I’m shocked by how approachable poems are. They’re shorter in length than a novel, so you can digest more at a time without feeling overwhelmed. And the meaning of each poem comes from inside each of us; the writer’s words become imbued with our own experience and meaning, so they begin to feel individual and wholly unique to us. These were the volumes of poetry I read this month, and I didn’t have trouble understanding a single one. I guess I’m a poetry person after all.

Featured Image: Matt McCarty

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