5 Novels I’d Recommend to My Heroine

From the author of Do This For Me, a summer reading list for take-charge women.

Eliza Kennedy Books I'd Recommend My Heroine

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Summer makes everything better, including reading. It’s the sunlight, the breezes, the accompanying fruity beverages. The locations: beach, park, pool. Summer reading is pure fun.

Raney Moore, the heroine of my new novel, Do This For Me, doesn’t really get fun. She’s too busy climbing the ladder at her law firm, managing her daughters’ lives, and investigating how her perfect marriage went awry. Gradually, she finds herself and her own brand of joy. The following books from my summer reading list are ones I’d recommend to Raney and any other take-charge woman who wants to relax and find some sunshiny fun.

Featured Image: CataVic/Shutterstock; Author Photo: Lauren Volo

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Eliza Kennedy

ELIZA KENNEDY attended the University of Iowa and Harvard Law School, where she was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. After graduation she served as a law clerk for a federal judge, then practiced litigation for several years at a prestigious Manhattan law firm. She lives in New York with her husband and son.