5 Books that Read Even Better Through Earbuds

Kick back, rest your eyes, and let these noteworthy audiobooks take it away.


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I hate to admit it, but I used to look down on audiobooks. In my family growing up, audiobooks (or as we referred to them, books-on-tape) were the mysteries or classics that were family-friendly enough to listen to on road trips. But beyond that, I was a bit of snob, thinking that you couldn’t really appreciate a book unless you read it on the printed page.

Thankfully, I’ve since changed my tune. While I still read more paper books than those I absorb through my earbuds, there are some titles that I firmly believe are better when you listen to them. Yes, there’s definitely a theme here (celebs!), but there are a couple other genres that lend themselves particularly well to reading with your ears.

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