14 Books that Embrace the Chilling Cold

Doomed expeditions and giddy scientists abound in these tales of life at the bottom of the thermometer.


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There’s a time and place for breezy beach reads, but let’s be honest: we flipped past that part of the calendar at least three months ago, and summer-vacation escapism isn’t nearly as appealing when frigid winds are howling at the window. Let heart-stirring tales of bold polar explorers fortify you before your next meal with extended family (hey, at least you’re not eating rotten seal meat on an ice floe). Welcome the darkest part of the year with a science journalist’s gusto. If necessary, imagine yourself on an armored polar bear. These reads will schuss you through the winter.

Featured Image: Lauri Rotko/Getty Images

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Lauren Oster

LAUREN OSTER is a freelance writer and editor. Her second-grade teacher let her sneak out of class to read old mysteries in the library. She now lives on New York City’s Lower East Side with her husband, two cats, and a fog machine. Her work has been published by Redbook, McSweeney’s, National Geographic, HGTV, and others; she tweets about culture, smuggling fireworks, and plastic animals at @lmo_nyc.

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