14 Books that Defy Definition

If you've never read a novel in sonnets or a memoir co-narrated by a dead dog, you're missing out.

Books Defy Definition

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Some reads are wonderful because they greet us like old friends: Raymond Chandler fans know they’re in for gruff, pithy imagery when they crack a Philip Marlowe mystery; Jane Austen’s admirers can anticipate sharp social observation and drawing-room drama in her novels; and Haruki Murakami’s repeat customers settle into dreamy tales of cats, jazz, and pasta. These books, on the other hand, are fabulous mutants: their hearts and limbs aren’t where you think they’d be, and plucking one from the shelf is a bit like encountering a new species. Expect the unexpected when you pick up one of these 14 titles that bend genre and resist classification.

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Lauren Oster

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