Keeping Up with the Nabokovs

Six books about Vladimir and Véra Nabokov, one of literary history's most loved (and loving) couples.

By • 1 week ago

The Poetic Persistence of Sharon Olds

Why critics can't handle the poet's honest depictions of life, death, and women.

By • 6 months ago

So You Want to Be a Writer?

7 books on the realities of the writing life.

By • 6 months ago

How One Becomes What One Is: 7 Memoirs of Artistic Development

Writers writing about writing...and themselves.

By • 8 months ago

Clichés are Dangerous

Why some well-worn phrases are worse than just bad writing.

By • 9 months ago

Denis Johnson Reads the Notes from the Margins

Remembering a great writer.

By • 10 months ago

Strange Gods, Odd Ducks, and Other Unreliable Narrators

Getting past the "fake news" of nonfiction.

By • 12 months ago
Your Reading Life

Literature as a Kind of Rorschach Test

Like disparate views of inkblots, new generations see the same art in entirely different ways.

By • 1 year ago