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The Syntax of Literature’s Greatest Lines

The Joy of Syntax author explains why it's okay to break editors' rules (occasionally).

By JUNE CASAGRANDE • 2 years ago
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A Letter From Guernsey Author Mary Ann Shaffer

"There my characters stand: bored, boring, and mute. Furthermore, they don’t like me any more than I like them."

By MARY ANN SHAFFER • 2 years ago

What Publishing My First Book Taught Me About Love

The author of Playing with Matches talks book deals, dating, and finding a match who gets your quirks.

By HANNAH ORENSTEIN • 2 years ago
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5 Women in Literature Who Are Total Bosses

The author of Like She Owns the Place spotlights leading ladies who changed their own stories.

By CARA ALWILL LEYBA • 2 years ago

8 Goodies for the Lazy Days of Summer

Because we all need a journal disguised as an ice cream sandwich. (Seriously.)

By POTTER GIFT • 2 years ago
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How to Keep Plot Twists Fresh

Somebody's Daughter author David Bell reveals the most crucial component for building suspense.

By DAVID BELL • 2 years ago

Pitch-Perfect Paperbacks to Take to the Pool

Hello, heatwave: these 2018 releases are still meltingly good.

By • 2 years ago

Summer Reading, We Meet At Last

School's out for summer, so author and teacher Amber Brock finally dives into her enviable TBR stack.

By AMBER BROCK • 2 years ago