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7 Characters Who Make Their Own Luck

Karla Starr, expert on luck, parses the traits of protagonists who take fate into their own hands.

By KARLA STARR • 2 years ago

When Your Lover Shares Your Hue but Not Your Heritage

Lessons from Elizabeth Alexander's The Light of the World about love across the African diaspora.

By HANNAH GIORGIS • 2 years ago
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The Power of Immigrant Stories

The author of A River of Stars reflects on how untold stories lead to the loss of humanity.

By VANESSA HUA • 2 years ago
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Where Are All the “Strong Male Characters”?

The author of Blood Highway takes on the redundancy of the phrase "strong female characters."

By GINA WOHLSDORF • 2 years ago
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The Beauty of Bibliomemoirs

Nell Stevens admires the books that inspired her newest: The Victorian and the Romantic.

By NELL STEVENS • 2 years ago

7 Books Recommended by Fascinating Women

The founder of Passerbuys, a recommendation website for women, rounds up users' most-loved books.

By CLÉMENCE POLÈS • 2 years ago
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The Discomfort of Reality Literature

What happens when novels are read as "true"? The Story of a Marriage author digs in.

By GEIR GULLIKSEN • 2 years ago
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S is for Sue

What more than 36 years of friendship with Sue Grafton meant to YA author Carol Weston.

By CAROL WESTON • 2 years ago