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Why Dropping Out of Grad School Was the Best Decision Ever

Sometimes realizing you're colossally in the wrong place means finding where you're meant to be.

By ARIEL KAPLAN • 1 year ago

10 Fantasy Novels By Women

Women-centered retellings, a nuclear take on a Southern classic, and more fantastic tales.

By NATALIE C. PARKER • 1 year ago

7 Novels About Academia

Because universities, says author Julie Schumacher, are the perfect settings for satire.

By JULIE SCHUMACHER • 1 year ago

8 Planners and Products for Staying Productive

Get back in the groove with a little help from Potter Gift.

By POTTER GIFT • 1 year ago
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How Starting My Own Business Made Me a Better Woman

The founder of Noonday Collection shares the secrets she learned on the way to entrepreneurship.

By JESSICA HONEGGER • 1 year ago
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6 Free-Spirited Literary Fashionistas

Costume designer Alison Freer reveals the best-dressed ladies of lit who informed her personal style.

By ALISON FREER • 1 year ago
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7 Characters Who Make Their Own Luck

Karla Starr, expert on luck, parses the traits of protagonists who take fate into their own hands.

By KARLA STARR • 1 year ago

When Your Lover Shares Your Hue but Not Your Heritage

Lessons from Elizabeth Alexander's The Light of the World about love across the African diaspora.

By HANNAH GIORGIS • 1 year ago