Books to Read After Watching The Babysitter’s Club

Millennials (like myself) were so happy to see the return of our favorite babysitters to Netflix. Here are some other teen dramas we love.

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How to Host a Virtual Book Club in 5 Easy Steps

Your guide to staying social while socially distancing.

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What I Read on my Summer Vacation

When you're on a remote island in Maine with no WiFi, you can get *a lot* of reading done.

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Kick-A** Characters: Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

An all-around awesome woman, Jane Austen's heroine kicks a** while wielding nothing sharper than her wit.

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Starring: Blue, the Dog

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Adult Books That Teenagers Will Love

If you've exhausted the young adult section at your local library, try these crossover titles on for size.

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Start Reading The Fatal Gift of Beauty by Nina Burleigh

Do you #BelieveHer or #SuspectHer? Want to learn more after watching Netflix’s documentary “Amanda Knox”? Read the book the New York Times Book Review called “the most thorough account of the case.”

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Literary Notecard Download

We love books (and people who love books). Spread the love with our literary greeting cards!

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