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Portrait Revolution

Julia Kay’s new book features hundreds of portrait artists and sheds light on their artistic process.

By JULIA L. KAY • 2 years ago

14 Books About Scandals

Randy Susan Meyers shares the books she read while researching her novel The Widow of Wall Street

By RANDY SUSAN MEYERS • 2 years ago
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5 Books About Other Kinds of Mothers

Gina Sorell, author of Mothers and Other Strangers, explores complex mothers in fiction.

By GINA SORELL • 2 years ago

What Amber Brock is Reading

The author of A Fine Imitation shares her reading list.

By AMBER BROCK • 2 years ago
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7 of the Least Self-Aware Characters in Literature

Psychologist Tasha Eurich analyzes classic literature's favorite head cases.

By DR. TASHA EURICH • 2 years ago

10 Wonderful Books About the Immigrant Experience

Rakesh Satyal, author of No One Can Pronounce My Name, shares the books that had an impact on him.

By RAKESH SATYAL • 2 years ago

Start Reading Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood

A must-read memoir about growing up with a married Catholic priest for a father.

By PATRICIA LOCKWOOD • 2 years ago
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8 Books You Should Make Your Dad Read

Scaachi Koul's advice for dads: Don't get on Twitter, and read these books.

By SCAACHI KOUL • 2 years ago