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“‘I am about to buy a house in a foreign country,’ I wrote as I began my memoir Under the Tuscan Sun. A simple declarative sentence – but for me, crux and crucible. From such easy words, fate branches and transforms…”

So begins Every Day In Tuscany; from the woman who “singlehandedly started the travel-memoir craze” (Library Journal) and whose newest memoir has been called “affectionate and warm…celebrates the lush abundance and charm of daily life in the Italian countryside” (Publishers Weekly). It’s sure to please fans of Under the Tuscan Sun and newcomers alike.

As a writer of memoir, Frances Mayes says she has discovered that “who you are is where you are.” Here’s more from her recent essay, “Why I Write” from Publishers Weekly:

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“Neruda claimed there are only 11 subjects to write about. He doesn’t say what they are, but one of them must be happiness. For a writer, the subject is hard to sustain. How to write a book that has no plot, an unforeseeable resolution, and not even an ‘I survived’ motif? Well, I thought, let’s just go a little against the grain. I quit worrying about conflict/resolution requirements. I’ll try, I told myself, to re-create this place in tactile, evocative words. Try to catch elusive and fragile happiness in images. But I moved into memoir when I felt myself begin to be changed by the place.” (Read the whole article on Publishers Weekly.)

• For more on Italy, food, and writing, visit the author online at:
• Check out the cities Frances is visiting while on tour: Frances Mayes’s Every Day In Tuscany Tour

   • Download the reader’s guide here: Every Day In Tuscany Reader’s Guide

Creative Idea For Your Book Group
Watch the film version of Under the Tuscan Sun. Discuss how Every Day in Tuscany continues the story and how the author’s point of view has changed over time.

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