Little Fires Everywhere Episode 6 with Arianna Davis

April 8, 2020 - Abbe and Emma talk episode 6 of Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere adaptation with Arianna Davis, O, The Oprah Magazine's Digital Director, plus cameos from Celeste Ng.

On this episode of The Adaptables, Abbe and Emma chat about episode six of the Hulu adaptation of Celeste Ng’s bestselling novel, Little Fires Everywhere. They’re joined by Arianna Davis, Digital Director of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Abbe, Emma, and Arianna discuss birth control, ambition, Meredith Brooks, the one-hit wonder, likeability, natural hair, Princess Di’s Royal Wedding, and more.

I really appreciated that they did make Mia and Pearl black in the series. That is such an interesting addition in the show that brings something new to the table.
—Arianna Davis

Discussion breakdown:

-Emma’s Fire Count (2:50–3:50)
-Emma recaps the episode (3:57–7:15)
-Elena’s breakdown, whiny Jamie, and her pathological inability to apologize for anything. (7:15–8:00)
-What happens to Elena’s dreams deferred? (8:00–8:36)
-New Mom Elena gets to go back to work (8:36–9:55)
-Elena trying to get birth control, Bill vs. Jamie (9:55–11:47)
-Insight into Izzy and Elena’s tempestuous relationship and Elena’s relationship with her own mother (11:48–12:46)
-The differences between Elena and Izzy’s relationship in the show vs. the book (12:47–14:26)
-Elena and her mother and the push-pull over Elena’s career and the “what-ifs?” (14:26–15:50)
-We stan a flashback episode (15:50–16:40)
-Celeste Ng on how novels move back and forth in time. “TV has to find different ways to get the same information across.” (16:40–17:05)
-Elena in a breaking point moment, her escape to Jamie and her WTF moment in the mirror. (17:06–18:26)
-Dinner with young Mark and Linda and their infertility struggles (18:30–19:15)
*AD* Stories with Sapphire (19:15–20:39)
-Mia heading off to art school from Pittsburgh (20:40–21:20)
-Arianna on the decision to make Mia and Pearl black in the show and the mirrored treatment of the main characters on the show (21:20–23:07)
-Mia’s close relationship with Warren (23:07–23:42)
-Mia meets her professor Pauline (23:42–25:05)
-Pauline’s lesson on “the uncanny.” (25:05–26:50)
-Mia meets trenchcoat-clad Jesse Williams on the subway and hears his offer (26:50–28:05)
-The complex Pauline/Mia relationship. What’s cool and not cool? What’s in the book and what’s new for TV? (28:25–32:04)
-Richard Prince and appropriated art (20:52–33:14)
-Surrogacy, taking things that don’t belong to you and the turkey baster shot. (33:14–34:46)
-Mia’s immaculate conception and sex life (34:46–36:04)
-Warren’s visit to NYC and honoring her brother by deciding to keep the baby (36:04–38:38)
-Mia and Pauline have the DTR chat and bring their relationship to the next level (38:38–39:04)
-Mia calls Anita and learns Pauline has died and the Ryans are looking for her (39:04–40:06)
-The driving montage to bring them to present day and porcelain horses nod (40:05–40:48)
-We love the soundtrack! (40:51–41:44)
-Spider self-portrait (41:44–42:41)
-Favorite ‘80s moments: HoJo to-go cup, Mia’s natural hair and Pauline’s braids, Elena’s work blouses, the clothes at the art opening, the Royal Wedding (42:27–44:20)
-The likeability of the main characters and the importance of backstory (44:20–45:33)
-Celeste Ng on mothers and daughters being brought together by her fiction. “I hope that mothers and daughters will watch this show together.” (45:33–46:30)
-What is Arianna reading? (46:30–47:30)
-Arianna’s Fave book-to-screen adaptations (47:30–48:36)

TV show recap:

-A flashback episode to the early 80s, when Mia and Elena are giving birth and raising their children.
-Elena and Bill are living in the duplex and raising three kids.
-Elena learns she’s pregnant with Izzy merely six weeks after giving birth to Moody, which stunts her career.
-Elena finds out that four children is not like having three. She has a nervous breakdown and takes off in the middle of the night.
-Elena rekindles things with her college boyfriend, Jamie…sort of.
-Mia goes to art school in New York City and meets her mentor and professor Pauline.
-Mia takes an offer to be a surrogate for wealthy couple in New York who can’t have a child after her scholarship falls through.
-Mia really comes into her own as an artist.
-Mia’s brother Warren passes away tragically and she’s not allowed to come to the funeral.
-Mia decides to keep the baby she’s carrying and drives to San Francisco.
-Pauline sadly dies and Mia and Pearl face the world alone.


1. 🔥 Mia is having her art critiqued by Pauline and reveals that she singed the negatives

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