Little Fires Everywhere Episode 4 with Camille Perri and Quan Barry

March 25, 2020 - Abbe and Emma chat about episode 4 of Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere adaptation with novelists Camille Perri and Quan Barry, plus cameos from Celeste Ng.

On this episode of The Adaptables, Abbe and Emma dish about episode four of the Hulu adaptation of Celeste Ng’s bestselling novel, Little Fires Everywhere. They’re joined by novelists Camille Perri, author of The Assistants and When Katie Met Cassidy, and Quan Barry, author of We Ride Upon Sticks.

Abbe, Emma, Camille, and Quan discuss Pearl’s first time, Mia and Elena’s confrontations, Ani DiFranco, adapting your own work as a novelist, Mariah Carey’s “Honey,” and more.

For me, personally, as a viewer, as someone who was dealing with my own sexuality in the '90s, so much of Izzy's character just pulls at my heartstrings.
—Camille Perri

Discussion breakdown:

-Emma’s Fire Count (1:05–2:15)
-Emma recaps the episode (2:44–4:00)
-Camille Perri on the drama that all comes to a head in this episode (4:36–5:40)
-The Elena and Mia confrontational arc on-screen vs. the book and other differences (5:40–7:56)
-How did Bebe, the birth mother, find the McCulloughs? (8:00–9:11)
-Where Linda McCullough is coming from? (9:11–10:05)
-Trip, the original pick-up artist and stop, drop, and roll (10:46–13:25)
-Izzy’s sexuality (13:26–14:32)
-Celeste Ng on how we’re shaped by our mothers (14:32–14:57)
-Izzy’s bedroom and Ani DiFranco (15:15–16:47)
-Quan on the decision to cast Kerry Washington and Lexi Underwood as the Warrens (17:15–18:30)
-Celeste Ng on how the casting has changed her own perspective on her characters (18:30–19:05)
-Elena saying “You’re a bad mother.” (19:09–21:00)
-Bebe’s immigration challenges and securing her legal representation (21:38–24:42)
-What’s the deal with the artwork? (25:03–25:30)
Mean Girls, slut shaming, and “was that it?” Pearl’s first time. (25:30–27:15)
-Departures from the book (27:15–27:56)
-Celeste Ng on book purists, “Don’t worry, the book is always still there.” (27:57–28:28)
-How extra is that closing shot? (28:28–29:29)
-Favorite ‘90s moments: TLC, The Fugees, Mariah Carey, No Doubt, Lilith Fair magazine cover, Forrest Gump, Jordan Catalano’s jacket, 12 Monkeys movie poster (29:30–32:34)
-Foreshadowing things ahead (32:35–33:20)
-Camille on adaptations and writing the screenplay of The Assistants (33:20–35:40)
-Celeste Ng on why she didn’t want to be the screenwriter. “I got to sit in on the writer’s room and meet all of the really amazing writers that worked on the show.” (35:40–36:40)
-Quan Barry on witchcraft, field hockey and her novel, We Ride Upon Sticks (36:40–37:27)
-Quan and Camille on their favorite adaptations (37:50–39:25)
-What are Camille and Quan reading? (39:24–40:15)

TV show recap:

-Everyone talks about staying out of each other’s business and but then everyone gets into each other’s business.
-Mia threatening Scott, the cook at Lucky Palace.
-Later, Elena also threatens Scott. Moody and Trip are fighting over Pearl.
-Trip gives his younger brother some questionable dating advice.
-Mia pushes Bebe to confront McCulloughs.
-Linda obsesses over the police report from Mirabelle’s first birthday and Elena pushes the McCulloughs to confront Bebe.
-Elena steps in to buy Bebe off with Mark’s checkbook.
-Mia and Elena exploding at one another.
-Mia snooping around Richardson’s and stealing the family’s items.
-Izzy snooping around Mia’s apartment and studio.
-The Halloween party and Trick or Treating.
-Izzy confronting her own sexuality.
-Pearl and Trip sleep together.
-Mia lights the picture of Elena on fire.


  1. 🔥 Stop Drop and Roll
  2. 🔥 The scorching of Elena’s photo
  3. 🔥 More weed smoking

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