Little Fires Everywhere Episode 2 with Taylor Jenkins Reid

March 18, 2020 - Abbe and Emma recap the second episode of Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere adaptation, along with Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of the soon-to-be-adapted-for-TV-novel, Daisy Jones & The Six.

Today on The Adaptables, Abbe and Emma chat about episode two of the Hulu adaptation of Celeste Ng’s bestselling novel, Little Fires Everywhere. They’re joined by Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of, most recently, Daisy Jones & The Six.

Abbe, Emma, and Taylor discuss the forthcoming adaptation of Daisy Jones & The Six, mother/daughter drama, the enduring wisdom of Fiona Apple, The Vagina Monologues, meatloaf with Ritz Crackers, and more.

It was so beautifully effecting and such a great way of describing the pain of loving someone who's walking away from you. That's what childhood is.
—Taylor Jenkins Reid

Discussion breakdown:

– Taylor Jenkins Reid recaps her novel Daisy Jones & The Six (1:20–4:23)
– Taylor tells us about the forthcoming Hello Sunshine adaptation of Daisy Jones & The Six (4:25–5:35)
– Taylor spills the tea on casting news for Daisy Jones & The Six, including Sam Claflin’s hot man energy (5:35–9:30)
– Reflecting on reading Little Fires Everywhere (9:45–10:45)
– Emma reviews this episode’s fire count (10:45–12:39)
– Emma tries to quickly recap the episode (12:44–17:00)
– The differences between Elena and Mia and their relationship to one another (17:10–19:15)
– Quote from Celeste Ng about the star power of Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon: “I don’t know what I did to get so lucky to have not one but two star actresses.” (19:17–19:41)
– Meatloaf with Ritz Crackers. Is it a Midwestern thing? (20:00–20:30)
– “Like eating an apple, seeds and all.” We see how integral motherhood is to both Mia and Elena. (20:33–24:57)
– Quote from Celeste Ng about seeing Reese and Kerry bring Mia and Elena to life and how it complicated her own feelings about her characters. “It was really through the strength of those two performances that both of those feelings really got teased out.” (24:57–26:05)
– Mia giving Izzy advice on standing up for herself after the orchestra teacher incident and telling Pearl to self-advocate about her math class (26:07–29:30)
– Pearl annoyed at her mom infiltrating her hangout time at the Richardsons (30:00–31:00)
– Taylor reflecting on how Izzy and Pearl remind her of Angela Chase in My So-Called Life (31:00–31:45)
– Mother and daughter drama and “mom-switching” (31:45–33:05)
– Favorite ‘90s moments: Buffy not recording, “Fiona Apple is right, the world is bullshit,” MTV and Ricki Lake, dial-up in the computer lab, the fax machine, Dooney & Burke purses and Steve Madden clogs, the popularity of The Vagina Monologues and Memoirs of a Geisha, and nods to Beck, Melissa Etheridge, and Kurt Cobain (33:05–39:22)
– Book club with a Celeste Ng cameo (40:15–40:45)
– Quote from Celeste Ng on filming the book club scene: “My direction was just look like you’re a little confused and you don’t know what is going on, which was perfect for me.” (40:45–41:30)
– Taylor refusing to make a similar cameo in Daisy Jones & The Six (41:30–42:16)
– More on book club and the relatability of showing up without finishing the book (42:16–44:30)
– Elena, um, examining herself. Can we ever really see ourselves clearly? (44:30–46:19)
– Mia rescuing Elena at book club ignites their bonding (46:15–47:00)
– Mia’s artistic work coming to life on-screen (46:40–47:12)
– Celeste Ng on having a visual artist execute Mia’s artwork: “It was really cool to see what an actual visual artist did with the descriptions of what I had made.” (47:13–47:40)
– Coming soon: the greatest album of ‘70s in the Daisy Jones & The Six adaptation (47:40–49:15)
– Snippets of what’s to come (49:19–49:30)
– Joshua Jackson appreciation segment (49:30–51:40)
– What’s Taylor Jenkins Reid reading? (51:40–52:15)
– Taylor’s favorite book-to-screen adaptations (52:15–53:44)

TV show recap:

– First day of school at both the Warren and Richardson households
– Izzy’s nervous about her first day of high school
– Izzy is bullied with the Ellen TIME magazine cover and comments in orchestra class
– Pearl is trying to get into a harder math class and is meeting opposition from the school
– Elena runs a background check on Mia because she’s wary of her new house manager
– Mia asks her Lucky Palace boss to fake a tenant reference for her
– We are introduced to Bebe’s character, Mia’s co-worker at Lucky Palace
– Elena’s Book Club meets to discuss The Vagina Monologues
– Mia rescues Elena during book club and helps her sound smart
– Izzy snaps at her orchestra teacher and defends another student
– Bebe gets upset over a table at Lucky Palace
– Cliffhanger: we find out that Bebe once had a daughter, but we aren’t sure what has happened to her


1. 🔥 Mia’s lighter while she’s smoking weed
2. 🔥 The lighting of the Sterno under the fondue at book club
3. 🔥 Pearl and Moody using the lighter and smoking weed
4. 🔥 Pearl and Moody’s stoned mood lighting

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