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2020 Book Horoscopes

2020: The Year Ahead

We’re embarking on a new decade in 2020, and the stars are aligned for major change. What would you like to shift in your life? Consider this next year as your gateway to the future, a liminal space of endings and beginnings. We have a serious Earth Vibe now, with four of our planets in Earth signs for most of the year. As Earth signs rule the physical, this means we’re focused on the basics: like money, health, and the food we grow and eat. Ground and focus on creating a foundation for yourself, and grow the rest from there.

The year begins with the serious gravity of three planets—Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto—in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto will meet at the same degree on January 12th, putting an emphasis on power and its practical applications. Who is empowered to take action? What is the responsible use of that power? Jupiter and Pluto will meet at the same degree of Capricorn several times between April and November. During this time we will transform our approach to power and see those changes manifest in physical reality. Uranus is also in Taurus all year, a transit that coincides with change in the areas of resource use and economics, disrupting the established order. A mixture of ambition and realism, with a good dose of inner determination, will help us navigate these transits and steer ourselves into a new era.

Saturn dips into Aquarius for a few months in spring, relieving us of some gravity and giving us a preview of what it will be like to start organizing social structures in a more futuristic way, once he moves into Aquarius to stay on December 17th. On the Winter Solstice of 2020, December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn will meet at the first degree of Aquarius, ushering in a new cycle of structuring our visions in innovative ways. Overall, 2020 is likely to be a pivotal year where established structures will fall and new ideas will step in to take their place. Envision the world you want; embrace new ways of doing things. The kind of future we create is up to you.

—Brittany Goss

BRITTANY GOSS is a Brooklyn-based astrologer, coach, and writer at The Rebel Coach. Her offerings include weekly horoscopes and personal consultations. You can find her at rebelastrology.net.

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2020 Book Horoscopes

The Galvanized Aries

Aries, you’ve been slowly overcoming obstacles and making progress on the legacy you’ve been building over the past few years. 2020 is the time to truly transform your public image. You are powerful, and it’s time for people to really see what you’ve got. When you take action in alignment with your values, you could start to see some results. People gather where you are, once you show them your original thinking. With your ruler Mars in your sign in the latter half of the year and Mars in retrograde from September through November, you will need to balance action with rest. Remember that this is a long game.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Open-Minded Taurus

Taurus, 2020 features plenty of planets in earth signs, which means the focus will be on the physical, material things you’re comfortable with. But that rumbling under the surface is a sign of a metaphorical earthquake to come, one that is going to topple old structures and shift your life. The best way to handle this is to befriend change. It’s truly the only constant. The more open you are to transformation, the more pathways will reveal themselves to you. You can break through roadblocks this year, change your image, and reinvigorate your relationships. Get curious about new ways of doing things.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Empowered Gemini

Gemini, you’ve been mapping out a new way of managing your resources over the past couple of years. With Jupiter in Capricorn in 2020, you may find you have more resources to manage. This is a transformative year for you, one that compels you to dig into your deepest desires. You can break through chains that are keeping you trapped, and empower yourself to go after what you want. You’ll have many opportunities for self-reflection before we enter a more airy and idea-driven cycle in 2021. Lay old patterns of thinking to rest as you grow into a new way of being.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Confident Cancer

Cancer, you’ve been doing some serious work on yourself and your relationships. 2020 is the year for you to transform and expand in the realm of friendships and partnerships. Connections get deeper and more powerful. You could develop a strong portfolio of business contacts, or a marriage that can withstand any storm. Any relationships that are flimsy or fake, or that don’t fit who you are now, will transform or break. You are responsible for the way you choose to develop these one-on-one connections. Put your trust in the right people this year.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Authentic Leo

Leo, you’ve been transforming your daily rituals, charting a new path one day at a time, for at least the last year or so. With Jupiter in Capricorn in 2020, you could hit a turning point where you start to more fully access and manifest your power. You are restructuring your days to give a unique, more authentic structure to your life. Health is a vital part of this. Make sure that self-care is a priority in your daily routine. It’s the foundation for everything you’ll be doing, as you end what isn’t serving you and upgrade for greater freedom.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Creative Virgo

Virgo, you’ve been working hard to let go of fear and find your way to joy. With Jupiter in Capricorn in 2020, you could break through to greater transformation in the realm of play and creativity. If what is fun for you is considered work by other people, that’s okay, especially for this year. You could birth something new or make big strides with a creative project. This earth energy is perfect for creating organized, disciplined routines that give you the freedom to play around with your ideas. Let your curiosity guide you.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Visionary Libra

Libra, you’ve been working hard to let go of old ideas about who you were in the past and create the home and family that you want now. In 2020, with Jupiter in Capricorn, you could start to realize some of your desires, potentially transforming or expanding your home to fit your new life. You will learn a lot about yourself and what you want this year. Revelations are forthcoming. Prepare what you need so that you can start to make your vision of joy into a reality.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Inquisitive Scorpio

Scorpio, you’ve been changing the way you think over the past few years, and your friends have certainly noticed. In 2020, you’ll have some deeply interesting questions to follow up on, and powerful things to say about them. Use your perceptive powers to develop a strong understanding of the subject you’re most interested in. Perhaps through your learning, you will meet new and unusual people, and begin to transform your close relationships. Shifting the way you think and the people you know will set you up to make a home for yourself in the world next year. Keep asking questions.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Searching Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you’ve been in quite the process of transforming your values and your relationship to value (read: money). In 2020, with your ruler Jupiter in Capricorn, you have an opportunity to live out those values in powerful ways, potentially increasing your income at the same time. Structure some financial stability into your life so you can have the freedom you want. A spiritual practice could be the grounding force that helps you feel at home wherever you are. By the end of the year, you’ll have a better handle on where you want to go and what you want to do next.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Capable Capricorn

Capricorn, 2020 is an important growth year for you. With Saturn and Pluto in your sign, you’ve been coming into your personal power. Now, with Jupiter joining these outer planets, it’s time to act. Empower yourself to make the changes in your life that you want to make, long-term. It will require street smarts and determination, but it’s time to take charge. Don’t fear your own capabilities; you are responsible enough to handle getting what you want. This requires that you use your creative skills and gather the courage to be authentic. When you do this, you’ll start living out your true values, and it’s likely that you’ll expand your resources because of it.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Emboldened Aquarius

Aquarius, this is a year of endings and new beginnings for you. Over the past few years, you’ve been tackling private fears, learning how your thoughts materialize in reality, and deepening your spiritual experience. The personal changes you’ve been making may be invisible to others now, but by the end of 2020, you’ll start to make them more apparent. It will be important for you to stay grounded, making some peace with stillness and the time it takes for change to happen. You are transforming in deep, wild ways, disrupting the foundations of your life. Embrace your own strangeness. As things get weirder, you’ll be ready for it. You’re one of the people we need to envision a better future for our world.

2020 Book Horoscopes

The Introspective Pisces

Pisces, this is the year to make progress on a big personal goal. You’ve been slowly restructuring your vision and working toward it over the past few years. Now, with your ruling planet Jupiter in Capricorn, you can bring this to the next level. Step into your personal power and commit. Make peace with the fact that big dreams can take a long time and a lot of hard work before they come to fruition. You’re manifesting inspiration, and whatever you have to say will be unusual. Look to the friends and communities you trust for their support in making things happen.

  • The cover of the book What It Takes

    What It Takes

    Moya-Jones started her baby-blanket business as a side gig, in the wee hours of the morning while her daughters were asleep, and only quit her full-time job when she hit the $1 million revenue mark. Now, against all odds, that business, aden + anais, is worth $100 million. Aries readers will appreciate Moya-Jones’ upfront style and brutally honest advice for entrepreneurs.

  • The cover of the book The Starless Sea

    The Starless Sea

    You love a good adventure, and Neptune in Pisces is still activating your imagination this year. So why not dive into a fantasy from the author of The Night Circus? A graduate student in Vermont discovers a mysterious book hidden in the library stacks, and in it, he finds the story of his childhood. Seeking answers, he discovers an entire mystifying world.

  • The cover of the book Financially Forward

    Financially Forward

    During this Uranus-in-Taurus era, you could be open to doing money differently. Plus, it’s always important to you to be on the cutting edge, so look to Alexa von Tobel to show you the tools that make it easy in the digital era. This book covers new trends that impact finances, teaches readers how to go cashless with mobile pay and keep your accounts secure, and offers a peek into the future of digital currency.

  • The cover of the book The Most Fun We Ever Had

    The Most Fun We Ever Had

    For many Aries folks, 2020’s Venus retrograde will involve reconnecting with siblings. The Most Fun We Ever Had takes a look at this special and complicated relationship. Lombardo’s sweeping family saga follows the lives of the Sorensen family’s four very different daughters.

  • The cover of the book Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem

    Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem

    Aries likes to be first, and that means setting the trends, not following them. If you’re looking for a role model who can show you how to build a legacy that others will notice, Dapper Dan’s memoir will inspire you. This sartorial success story takes place in Harlem, where the self-made designer pioneered high-end streetwear in the 1980s with his famous boutique.

  • The cover of the book Work Wife

    Work Wife

    If you’re aiming to transform the way you approach the idea of a legacy, career, and leadership, read about a feminine approach to success in the workplace. Cerulo and Mazur co-founded the website Of a Kind; in this book, they share how their friendship helped them succeed. These cofounders have proven that vulnerability, openness, and compassion can be assets for leaders at work.

  • The cover of the book Attached


    Aries is a sign primarily concerned with understanding and asserting the self, but that means part of your work is to figure out how to connect with other people. Understanding your own attachment pattern can go a long way in helping with this. Learn how you react emotionally to intimacy and become aware of the way it plays out in your relationships.

  • The cover of the book Because Internet

    Because Internet

    Speaking of embracing change, what about the way language is changing? Internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch explains that language is an open-source project, one that people are always adapting to suit their needs. Learn how the internet has transformed the way we communicate, and why that’s a good thing.

  • The cover of the book A Beginner's Guide to Japan

    A Beginner's Guide to Japan

    You could be drawn to travel this year, in which case you’ll enjoy exploring travel books that inspire you. Pico Iyer has lived in Japan for 32 years. He draws on his own reflections, readings, and conversations with Japanese friends to bring you an insightful look at a varied, wonderful culture.

  • The cover of the book The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money

    The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money

    When your ruler Venus retrogrades through Gemini this spring, you may want to review your habits with money. Smart people can still make “dumb” decisions with their finances because financial decisions are emotionally driven. Jill Schlesinger can help you be as smart with your cash as you are in the rest of your life.

  • The cover of the book Broke Millennial Takes On Investing

    Broke Millennial Takes On Investing

    With Uranus in your sign and a series of eclipses targeting your money houses this year, you might want to learn more about the world of investing. Erin Lowry is an investment guru for the millennial generation, answering questions about socially responsible stocks and student loan debt, as well as everything else you need to know.

  • The cover of the book Getting Back to Happy

    Getting Back to Happy

    With so many planets in earth signs in 2020, and not much air, it’s important to remember that mindset still matters. Marc and Angel Chernoff’s book can teach you how to change your thought patterns and develop self-care rituals that give you a positive outlook, and ultimately, make you happier.

  • The cover of the book All Adults Here

    All Adults Here

    As you change over the next year and gain new insights about who you are, your relationships are sure to change too. What do we do with the truth about the past once we’re all grown up? This is the question that Straub tackles in All Adults Here, a novel about a grandmother with three grown children, who begins to wonder about the mistakes she’s made.

  • The cover of the book A Little Book of Self Care: Breathwork

    A Little Book of Self Care: Breathwork

    Change can be stressful. Even good changes can make us anxious because they take us out of our comfort zones. Having a regular breathwork and visualization practice can be especially helpful for you in 2020. Taking some time to check in with yourself using these practices will help you stay grounded and calm.

  • The cover of the book Fair Play

    Fair Play

    If you have a partner and/or a family, and one of you is doing most of the housework, the division of household labor isn’t fair. Women often end up shouldering the burden of invisible labor in their relationships. Now, Eve Rodsky has created a system for making that labor visible and creating a fair division of responsibilities.

  • The cover of the book Meg and Jo

    Meg and Jo

    Inspired by Little Women, Meg & Jo is the tale of two sisters with very different lives, who both suddenly find themselves back home in North Carolina, needing the support of their sisterhood to keep going. It’s a heartwarming story about the power of family, and it makes for a cozy read on a winter night.

  • The cover of the book Recursion


    Science fiction is fitting for 2020, especially with Saturn’s dip into Aquarius this spring. In Recursion, an epidemic of madness arises from a mysterious phenomenon called False Memory Syndrome—people are suddenly flooded with memories of lives they never lived, and it’s driving them mad. A New York cop investigates and finds that the cause is much more complex than a disease—it’s a force that tears the very fabric of reality.

  • The cover of the book A Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils

    A Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils

    When you’re doing so much work on yourself and your relationships, self-care is necessary. Those who advocate for using essential oils say they’re useful for everything from aromatherapy, to skin and hair treatments, to alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. Take care of yourself in 2020.

  • The cover of the book How to Be a Bawse

    How to Be a Bawse

    As you’re opening up more authentically in public and getting bolder about chasing after your dreams, Cancer, you can look to YouTuber and new late-night host Lilly Singh for lessons in confidence. Singh knows there are no shortcuts to success; it’s hard work and determination. She shares what she’s learned so far in this rulebook to crushing it.

  • The cover of the book Gods of the Upper Air

    Gods of the Upper Air

    The sign of Cancer is associated with memory and history. King writes a history focusing on the cultural anthropologist Franz Boas and his students, including Margaret Mead and Zora Neale Hurston. Boas challenged the prevailing idea that race was biologically determined, positing that they were instead fictions or, rather, cultural constructs. This is the story of the anthropological research that changed social thinking about the categories of race, sex, and gender.

  • The cover of the book The Home Edit

    The Home Edit

    If you’re going to be a homebody, it’s important to make sure your house is a calm and peaceful place to relax. Home organizing experts and Instagram sensations Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin come together to bring you a book of advice for beautiful home organization. They’ll take you through your house room-by-room to help you create and maintain a system that works for you.

  • The cover of the book What Color Is Your Parachute? 2020

    What Color Is Your Parachute? 2020

    The career classic has been updated, so if you’re trying to figure out what your ideal career might look like, grab a new edition for the updated resources on today’s job market. This book features practical guides to understanding what you really want in a career, crafting your resume, interviewing well, and negotiating your salary.

  • The cover of the book A Long Petal of the Sea

    A Long Petal of the Sea

    This novel follows Roser and Victor, two refugees of the Spanish Civil War who form a marriage of convenience for their survival and embark on a boat to Chile. The characters wrestle with questions of home and belonging in this historical saga filled with love and loss. Make some time to read this as part of your self-care and fun.

  • The cover of the book For Small Creatures Such as We

    For Small Creatures Such as We

    Carl Sagan and his wife, the writer and producer Ann Druyan, raised their daughter Sasha in a secular household—one that nevertheless celebrated the profound beauty of the natural world. When Sasha became a mother, she began to craft rituals based on her love of the natural world, to help her daughter honor the significance of experience and the passing of time, without relying on a specific religious framework. These are those secular yet spiritual rituals.

  • The cover of the book Excuse Me

    Excuse Me

    To slow down and get some perspective in the midst of a busy year, enjoy Liana Finck’s collection of over 500 cartoons from The New Yorker and Instagram. Finck’s scratchy line drawings and offbeat sense of humor have delighted thousands. These are the most loved drawings from the past few years of the young cartoonist’s work, separated into chapters with titles such as “Love & Dating”, “Art & Myth-Making”, “Strangeness, Shyness, Sadness,” and “Time, Space, and How to Navigate Them.”

  • The cover of the book Bill Cunningham: On the Street

    Bill Cunningham: On the Street

    Who loves looking good more than Leo? Bill Cunningham’s famous street-style photography is now collected in one volume for you to enjoy and take inspiration from. From the 1970s through 2016, in New York City and Paris, Cunningham chronicled the evolution of everyday fashion, and with it, quite a bit of cultural history. Many of these photos have never been seen.

  • The cover of the book The Water Dancer (Oprah's Book Club)

    The Water Dancer (Oprah's Book Club)

    In Coates’s latest novel, a boy born into slavery on a Virginia plantation is separated from his mother when she is sold. He loses all memory of her, but he receives a mysterious and magical gift. When he makes the courageous decision to escape, he begins a quest to save the family he was forced to leave behind.

  • The cover of the book Uncharted


    As you change your public image, Leo, you’ll probably decide to take some risks, and travel or move. Uncharted is the memoir of two empty nesters who, after their son moved across the country, impulsively decided to buy a sailboat, learn to sail, and journey together through British Columbia’s Salish Sea in search of the blonde Kermode bear. It’s a story that reminds us there will always be transitions in life.

  • The cover of the book The Equivalents

    The Equivalents

    You could be inspired to create by Maggie Doherty’s biography The Equivalents. In the early 1960s, a time when most women were expected to focus on marriage and family, Radcliffe College announced that they would open a fellowship to women with a Ph.D or “the equivalent” in artistic success. Poets Anne Sexton and Maxine Kumin, painter Barbara Swan, sculptor Mariana Pineda, and writer Tillie Olsen formed friendships there, and Doherty weaves their narratives through the letters, writing, and artwork they left behind.

  • The cover of the book The Nickel Boys

    The Nickel Boys

    Try some fiction to inspire your creative projects, Virgo. Colson Whitehead tells the story of a Black boy growing up in Florida in the Jim Crow era. An innocent mistake is enough to land Elwood Curtis in a juvenile reformatory called the Nickel Academy, run by sadistic staff members who abuse and torture the students. Even more chilling is that the novel is based on a real Florida reform school that ran for 111 years. It’s another stunning work by this Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist.

  • The cover of the book Astrology for Real Relationships

    Astrology for Real Relationships

    When your ruler Mercury retrogrades through Pisces in late February, you may find yourself reflecting on relationship patterns. Let astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo help you understand what it is you’re really looking for in another person—not what you think you should want. Through your chart, you can get a better understanding of your own fears and desires. This is how using astrology in practice can improve your life.

  • The cover of the book Everything Is Figureoutable

    Everything Is Figureoutable

    Venus will be in Gemini this spring, and she’s retrograde from May 13 through June 25, putting your attention on your career goals. Luckily, Marie Forleo’s book is here to help you figure it out. The host of MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast has been named by Oprah as a thought leader for her generation. This book will teach you how to overcome obstacles and go after what you want.

  • The cover of the book No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

    No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

    Many Virgos find peace and comfort in exploring the natural world and caring for plants or animals. This year, you may find yourself called to take more urgent action on environmental issues. Fifteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg did the same thing when she decided to skip school and protest, inspiring a global movement. This collection of her speeches is a reminder that we all have the power to create change in the world.

  • The cover of the book F**k Plastic

    F**k Plastic

    Speaking of small yet powerful actions that help the environment, finding alternatives to single-use plastics can make a big difference. This little book has 101 ideas for lessening our dependence on plastic. Consider, for example, carrying reusable cutlery in your bag to replace disposable forks and knives. Beeswax wraps make great alternatives to plastic sandwich bags. In so many small ways, you could shift your perspective and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • The cover of the book Almost Everything

    Almost Everything

    When you’re aware of problems in the world, it’s easy to succumb to despair. Anne Lamott’s book is a message of hope, reminding us that even when life feels bleak, there’s a spark of joy. You’re doing what you can to improve your small corner of the world. Let Lamott’s funny, encouraging prose inspire you to keep going during the tough times.

  • The cover of the book More Than Enough

    More Than Enough

    As you’re working to make your vision into reality, you’ll find Welteroth’s story inspiring. As the former Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue and the youngest person ever—and second African American—to hold this title at a Condé Nast publication, Welteroth has already made history. Her decision to infuse the pages of a teen magazine with social consciousness was revolutionary. In this book, she shares the lessons she’s learned from breaking through barriers.

  • The cover of the book Nobody Will Tell You This But Me

    Nobody Will Tell You This But Me

    With your focus on home and family this year, a memoir on the subject might be just what you’re looking for. To say that TV comedy writer Bess Kalb was close to her grandmother would be an understatement. Bobby and Bess shared a special bond right up until Bobby passed away in 2017. Now, Bobby lives on in these pages, giving Bess the critical life advice she always lovingly provided, with the phrase “nobody will tell you this but me.” Told through documents, photographs, and dialogue, this is the story of a family across generations.

  • The cover of the book The Making of a Manager

    The Making of a Manager

    Libra, going after your goals means being in charge, and that can be uncomfortable for you. It was overwhelming at first for Julie Zhuo, a Silicon Valley product-design executive who became a manager at 25. Through her experience managing dozens of teams since then, Zhuo has learned that excellent management can be taught. Learn the ropes from someone who understands the difference between a great manager and an average one.

  • The cover of the book Journeys


    Venus’s transit through Gemini this spring might give you the travel itch. Even if you don’t explore new places in person, you can live vicariously through 19th-century writer Stefan Zweig’s observations of traveling through Europe. Full of insights about the solace of travel, this volume provides a fascinating look at Europe before the Second World War.

  • The cover of the book Range


    David Epstein has good news for you, Libra: you don’t have to make a decision to focus your career on one specific specialty. In fact, you may be more successful if you choose to be a generalist instead. In Range, Epstein examines the world’s best athletes, artists, and scientists and finds that those with a range of interests and experience are primed to excel. If you’re finding your path late, it might be because generalists often take longer to establish a career, but their creativity, agility, and ability to make connections ultimately leads to success.

  • The cover of the book Living with Color

    Living with Color

    With much of your focus on home this year, you may find yourself wanting to redecorate. Take inspiration from some of the most colorful homes in America—photographed in Atwood’s design book—which reveal how to use color in your home without fear. Atwood will show you how to notice the interplay of color in the world, design your own custom color palette, and trust your instincts to create a home you love.

  • The cover of the book If I Had Your Face

    If I Had Your Face

    Relationships are always primary for you, and this fall, they’ll require more of your attention. Remember the power of friendship with Frances Cha’s debut novel, which follows the lives and friendships of four women in Seoul, South Korea. Kyuri is a beautiful woman who works at a “room salon,” a bar where she entertains businessmen while they share drinks, and her roommate, Miho, is an artist. Down the hall is a hairstylist with a K-Pop obsession, and one floor below, a woman and her husband wrestle with the decision to have a child in harsh economic times.

  • The cover of the book The Splendid and the Vile

    The Splendid and the Vile

    Learn something you didn’t know about World War II with Erik Larson’s new book, a portrait of Winston Churchill and London during the Blitz. Larson draws on diaries, archival documents, and disclosed intelligence reports to take us back to London’s darkest year, when Churchill taught the British people the art of being fearless.

  • The cover of the book This Is Mexico City

    This Is Mexico City

    Travel may be a serious interest for you this year, Scorpio. Take a look at this colorful, practical guide to the sights, smells, and delicious tastes of Mexico City. Whether your interests tend to museums, shopping, architecture, or cuisine, there is more than enough to explore here.

  • The cover of the book Life of the Party

    Life of the Party

    Scorpio people are known for their emotional intensity, and poetry is one way to express that creative urge. Check out Olivia Gatwood’s collection of poems about growing up as a woman in a sexist and sensationalized world. With fierce, devastating language, Gatwood asks how we live in a world wracked with violence, and where the line is between perpetrator and victim. A powerful experience.

  • The cover of the book Dear Girls

    Dear Girls

    Just because you’re intense doesn’t mean you lack a sense of humor. Comedian Ali Wong’s new book, composed in a series of letters to her daughters, gives you the life advice you need in a hilarious way. Wong tells her daughters how to make it as a woman in a male-dominated world, revealing stories from her life in comedy along with personal anecdotes about growing up in San Francisco, the single life in New York, reconnecting with her roots in Vietnam, and becoming a new parent.

  • The cover of the book How to Skimm Your Life

    How to Skimm Your Life

    If you’ve been feeling like you must have been out sick the day everyone else learned how to adult, you’re in luck: TheSkimm has given you a cheat sheet to life. Get tips on the things you really want to know, like how to negotiate your salary, how tax deductions work, how to order wine at a restaurant, and how to invest. By the end of the book, you’ll be all grown up.

  • The cover of the book Royal Holiday

    Royal Holiday

    Scorpio, your love life is likely to be unpredictable and full of spontaneity in 2020. Enjoy a good love story about a spur-of-the-moment holiday vacation that results in unexpected romance, from bestselling author Jasmine Guillory. Vivian Forest has only been out of the country once, so when her daughter invites her along on a work trip to style a certain member of the British royal family, Vivian is all in. She just doesn’t expect her life to change when a handsome private secretary offers her a personal tour.

  • The cover of the book The Ghosts of Eden Park

    The Ghosts of Eden Park

    A noir true-crime story set in the early days of Prohibition is almost too perfect for Scorpio readers. German immigrant George Remus became a multi-millionaire trafficking whiskey long before Al Capone was a household name. The press called Remus “King of the Bootleggers”; by the summer of 1921, he owned 35 percent of all liquor in the United States. When a pioneering prosecutor is hired to bring him down, she takes her part in a story of betrayal, bitter feuds, and ultimately murder.

  • The cover of the book Young Money

    Young Money

    Even if you don’t have a lot of money now, if you’re under 40, you have another valuable resource at your disposal: time. Financial advisor Dasarte Yarnway will show you how to use your time to your advantage and build wealth while you can. You’ll learn how to avoid the four most common financial pitfalls, master your income and spending, and adopt the habits of Master Wealth builders.

  • The cover of the book An Economist Walks into a Brothel

    An Economist Walks into a Brothel

    When do you take a risk with your money, and when do you play it safe? Economist and journalist Allison Schrager has spent her career analyzing risks, and she has the answers for you. The question is not whether to take risks at all, but which risks to take. You’ll learn how to spot different kinds of risk, how to increase the probability in your favor and minimize your losses, and how to stay rational when the stakes are high.

  • The cover of the book Obviously


    Akilah Hughes knows what it’s like to grow up in a complicated family and persevere through obstacles in the quest to achieve a dream. With a sense of humor, she tells stories about her childhood in Kentucky, graduating high school at 15, and moving to New York to become a writer. Her tales will inspire you and make you laugh out loud, as you search for your own home in the world.

  • The cover of the book See You in the Piazza

    See You in the Piazza

    Sagittarius is the sign most associated with travel and foreign countries, so any book about a place is likely to appeal to you. This travel narrative from the author of Under the Tuscan Sun will take you to an Italy that only the locals know. Explore 13 regions, from Friuli to Sicily, with Frances Mayes and her husband, Ed.

  • The cover of the book The Eight Master Lessons of Nature

    The Eight Master Lessons of Nature

    Sagittarius, part of your quest this year has to do with being close to nature and making it a part of your daily life. In The Eight Master Lessons of Nature, Gary Ferguson shows us how many of nature’s remarkable qualities are hardwired into human DNA. We’ve always had this web of connections to the rest of the world, and with Ferguson’s help, we can reclaim it.

  • The cover of the book It's Not All Downhill From Here

    It's Not All Downhill From Here

    Close relationships, including friendships, are an important source of support for you this year. For some relationship inspiration and some fun, read Waiting to Exhale author Terry McMillan’s latest novel, about a woman who’s determined to prove that our view of aging is outdated. Loretha Curry is 68, but she still has places to go, and her friends are there to support her as she continues to pursue joy.

  • The cover of the book The Algebra of Happiness

    The Algebra of Happiness

    Scott Galloway teaches brand strategy at NYU, but his most popular lessons are about the school of life. Is there a formula for a life well-lived? Galloway thinks there are some key decisions that determine happiness, and he shares them with the kind of blunt honesty that Sagittarius readers will appreciate.

  • The cover of the book On Being Human

    On Being Human

    Times of personal growth make everyone feel vulnerable. When you’re on the verge of new ventures, digging deep for your courage and flirting with failure, it’s helpful to have a good friend who can say “I’ve been there.” Let Jennifer Pastiloff be that friend for you. Her inspirational story will remind you that the mess of life is only human.

  • The cover of the book Sissy


    Deep down, you know who you are, but sometimes society can make it difficult to figure out. That was especially true for Jacob Tobia, who grew up wanting all the experiences of childhood—from playing in the mud to wearing princess dresses—but was told they could only have the half labeled “for boys.” In their memoir Sissy, Tobia tells the story of their personal journey as a gender-nonconforming person. Read it if you need some inspiration to get comfortable in your own skin this year.

  • The cover of the book The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

    The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

    If you could change the past, would you? What if it meant you could have more time with the person you love? These are the questions that Lydia Bird has to answer when an inexplicable occurrence gives her the chance to lead a parallel life, one where her fiancé doesn’t die. But her other reality is compelling her to stay, too. Read this love story for a fun escape from all of the inner work you’re doing.

  • The cover of the book Real Life

    Real Life

    If you’re feeling pulled toward more realistic fiction, Brandon Taylor’s novel, Real Life, is the story of a Black man from Alabama who moves to a midwestern university town to earn his Biochem degree. In beautifully crafted prose, Taylor describes the circle of friends that Wallace finds in this unfamiliar place, and the series of confrontations that break down his defensive walls and threaten the fragile balance of the community. It’s a powerful story that’s worthy of your limited time.

  • The cover of the book Quit Like a Woman

    Quit Like a Woman

    When Venus retrogrades through your house of health in the summer of 2020, you may find yourself reviewing the habits you want to keep and those you want to drop. Capricorns who are considering a sober lifestyle might like Holly Whitaker’s updated approach to sobriety. Whitaker noticed how ineffective our society’s predominant systems of addiction recovery were for women, so she founded a feminine-centric recovery program. You’ll see alcohol in a different way after reading this.

  • The cover of the book Life Undercover

    Life Undercover

    Mars will be in Aries in the second half of 2020, giving everyone a dose of energy and courage. It’s the perfect time to read this thrilling true story about the extraordinary adventures of one highly intelligent, brave woman. Amaryllis Fox was recruited by the CIA at age 21, after developing an algorithm that could accurately predict the likelihood of a terrorist cell arising in any village in the world. She spent 10 years as a spy in the most elite, clandestine operations unit of the CIA, hunting down dangerous terrorists, all before her 30th birthday.

  • The cover of the book Unashamed


    This is a year to empower yourself, and Leah Vernon can show you how to do it. With honesty and pluck, Vernon takes on the myth of the “Good Muslim girl” she once thought she had to be. She tells the story of her real journey: one that involves her troubled mother, her missing father, her abusive husband, and a secret abortion. Through her struggles, she releases shame, finds her voice, and starts living an unapologetic life.

  • The cover of the book Stillness Is the Key

    Stillness Is the Key

    If the idea of making peace with stillness frustrates you, try looking at it from Ryan Holiday’s perspective. According to this author, the ability to be still while the world spins around you is one of the great keys to ultimate success. Slowing down can be your secret weapon. Holiday draws on Stoic and Buddhist philosophy, as well as examples from historical figures like Winston Churchill and baseball player Sadaharu Oh.

  • The cover of the book How to Make a Plant Love You

    How to Make a Plant Love You

    Aquarius people will want to experience more freedom where they live this year, so why not bring the wildness indoors? Environmental scientist and entrepreneur Summer Rayne Oakes is the caregiver to over 1,000 plants in her Brooklyn apartment. And if she can have that many thriving plant-friends, surely you can take care of a few. Let her teach you how to garden indoors like a pro, and the benefits of being a plant parent.

  • The cover of the book bone


    Sometimes when you’re going through a particularly intense personal experience, it can be difficult to express in everyday words. Poetry can get to the heart of the matter more effectively than prose. Try bone, Yrsa Daley-Ward’s debut collection of poems about the essence of human life, the tension between desire and religion, depression, loss, love, and sexuality. Each poem cuts straight to the core of what it means to live in the world.

  • The cover of the book And Then We Grew Up

    And Then We Grew Up

    When Venus retrogrades through your fifth house of creativity this spring, some Aquarians may find themselves reconnecting with their inner childhood artist. Rachel Friedman’s conversations with adults who aspired to be artists as children can help you reconcile your ideals of an artist’s life with the many possible realities of living a creative adulthood. Creative contentment comes in many forms.

  • The cover of the book The Uninhabitable Earth

    The Uninhabitable Earth

    The earth is our home, and to keep it that way, we have to work to overcome the unsustainable practices that are killing other species and making our lands uninhabitable. With painful clarity, Wallace lays out a chilling worst-case scenario for climate change, full of food shortages, migration emergencies, and wars. Having four planets in Earth signs for most of 2020 compels us to get realistic about our responsibilities, so this is a must-read for anyone who wants to heal the environment and avoid this possible future.

  • The cover of the book The Authenticity Project

    The Authenticity Project

    This heartwarming novel about life in an isolated age will remind you that real life is more messy and vulnerable than people are likely to admit. After Julian Jessop writes the truth about his life in a green notebook and leaves it in Monica’s Café, strangers begin adding their own true stories about their deepest selves. The characters who write their secrets are rewarded for their bravery when they find each other in real life.

  • The cover of the book Dame Traveler

    Dame Traveler

    This collection of 200 photographs from Instagram’s premier solo-female traveler community will inspire you to push through your limits and take more risks. Natasia Yakoub, the founder of Dame Traveler, grew up in a strict Chaldean-Middle Eastern community where women are expected to marry young and raise families. Yakoub broke with convention and has traveled solo to 63 countries. Let these women’s stories move you—literally.

  • The cover of the book Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies

    Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies

    By her late 20s, Tara Schuster was already a successful and sought-after television executive. But nobody knew how she was struggling with anxiety, shame, and self-medication, after a childhood with minimal parenting. Day by day, Schuster learned how to re-parent herself and exhibit self-love. Now she can show you how to build yourself up and create a more fulfilling life, one ritual at a time.

  • The cover of the book Grand Union

    Grand Union

    One of the best ways to open your mind and manifest inspiration is, of course, to read widely. Zadie Smith’s latest book is actually her first published collection of short stories. After so many critically acclaimed novels to her name, these stories do not disappoint. Read them to see from her sharply drawn and oft-funny perspective on life, friendship, the historical legacies that weigh on us, and the futures that might await.

  • The cover of the book Glimmer of Hope

    Glimmer of Hope

    Peace is important to Pisces, and it’s certainly important to the teenagers who founded March for Our Lives, forming a global movement against gun violence. Many students contributed to tell the story of how they channeled their emotion into action and created a massive youth-led movement. You can help their mission: 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this book go to the March for Our Lives Action Fund.

  • The cover of the book The Art of Noticing

    The Art of Noticing

    We live in an age of distraction. With all this technology and media constantly making bids for our attention, it can be difficult to notice what’s right in front of us. Ground yourself in the present and get back to an undistracted, creative state of mind with Rob Walker’s exercises for noticing. The simple and playful exercises will help you slow down, breathe, and think more clearly.

  • The cover of the book Out Loud

    Out Loud

    The internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer, and founder of the Mark Morris Dance Group has written a memoir. Pisces is a sign associated with the arts, especially theater, film, and dance, so if you love to dance, you’ll be inspired by his story. Morris ascended to fame during one of the great dance booms in America, in the late ’70s. The New York Times called him “the most successful and influential choreographer alive.”

  • The cover of the book The Glass Hotel

    The Glass Hotel

    A new novel from the author of Station Eleven, this time a story of crime. The characters in this book move between worlds of the underground—campgrounds for the near-homeless; federal prison—and the contrasting milieus of luxury hotels and international financial schemes. Pisces is about the cosmic oneness of everything, light and dark, and this is a portrait of the complex world we live in, with an intriguing, inter-connected plot.

  • The cover of the book How to Live a Good Life

    How to Live a Good Life

    This collection of essays from 15 leading philosophers will give you some perspective on what it means to live well. Unlike a lot of philosophical texts, these writings are personal, as each author reflects on how they found meaning in their lived philosophy. Let their thinking guide you to ponder the meaning of life more deeply.


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