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Winners Announced: Reasons Mommy Drinks

Congrats to Sherry H., Taryn S., Brian G., Jennifer W., Traci H., and 95 other members of the Read It Forward community!

Their entries were selected at random to win a paperback copy of Reasons Mommy Drinks by Lyranda Martin-Evans and Fiona Stevenson.

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In the meantime, enjoy this book club missive (with accompanying cocktail recipe, of course!) from the ladies behind Reasons Mommy Drinks.

Mommy is totally unprepared to discuss Gone Girl at Book Club tonight. Since your birth, she can barely get through reading a text message, let alone the teetering book tower gathering dust on her bedside table. She used to love poring over the latest Douglas Copeland tome before bed. Now, once in between the sheets, she’s too tired to keep her eyes open, which Daddy took personally last night when he tried putting on the moves.

If only the Book Club would select The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mommy would be able to speak to the author’s subtext of excess in the age of consumerism like a Rhodes Scholar. Instead, she’s going to use her Coles Notes app to summarize Jillian Flynn’s deconstruction of a character arc, and mumble something about feminist discourse while inhaling a strawberry macaroon. Then when the conversation shifts to plot intricacies, she’ll escape to the bathroom to Facetime you at bedtime and recite, what else, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Good thing Mommy has it memorized.

Drink: The Tequila Bookworm. Combine 1oz tequila with a splash of pomegranate juice in a glass, and top with 7up. Serve this while hosting the next Book Club meeting and no one will remember that you were actually all there to discuss the complexities of post-modern fiction.

About the Author

LYRANDA MARTIN EVANS is an award-winning advertising copywriter who is currently a Creative Director at one of Toronto's top advertising agencies. She writes and performs sketch comedy, and her former life as a bartender informs the book's delicious drink recipes.

FIONA STEVENSON is an award-winning brand marketer who is frequently leveraged as an industry expert and corporate host. A former journalist, she is also a trained improviser, and sketch comedy writer and performer.

TOGETHER, they are the creators of the popular blog Reasons Mommy Drinks. They both live and work in Toronto.