Six Picks: Debut Novels

There’s nothing like a debut novel—it’s your introduction to a brand-new author that is just emerging onto the publishing scene. And oftentimes, these first works are so stunningly well-written, it shocks us that they haven’t penned ten bestsellers already. These novels—all published in the last year—cover a wide variety of topics, but they’re all skillfully written and they leaving us wondering when their respective sophomore novels will come out.

Which novels by first-time authors have you enjoyed? Which ones should we add to our TBR piles? Let us know in the comments below!

  • I just finished a gorgeous first novel, The Mermaid’s Daughter by Ann Claycomb. She has published short fiction before but not a novel. This is a stunning fantasy that is based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” but is definitely NOT a Disney-type story with a Disney ending.

  • Lorie

    Read and loved both The Nest and Chilbury Ladies’ Choir. Also recently read and loved Almost Missed You by Jessica Strawser.

  • lovinlarge49

    I so want to read The Chilbury Ladies Choir. I have seen many giveaways with this book but have yet to win.

  • Sara Chamberlin

    The Nest is one of my favorite books of the past few years–a wonderful take on family. I kept hoping throughout that it would hold up, and it did–right to the very last word.

  • Sally Strong

    One of my recent favorite debut novels is The Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly. It’s the story of three women whose lives intersect during WWII. It’s based on real unsung women who change history in their quest for love, freedom, and second chances.

  • maureen

    The Laura’s, chilbury ladies choir, little French bistro, long black veil, the typist and the farmhouse by tiffany turner

  • RoRo Kaye

    I so want to read THE LILAC GIRLS I enjoy reading novels about WWII- I respect the people that lived through that awful time period- , also want to read THE NEST.

  • Ilene H.

    Live and Let Die a novel by Bianca Sloane, I really enjoyed it.

  • P.A. Jaroma

    Finding Claire Fletcher by Lisa Regan. Also Allen Eskens’first book, the Life we bury

  • Pam

    Lincoln in the Bardo. A bit of a cheat but technically is Saunders first novel. I also liked The Nix, The Nest and Homegoing

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