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Oh, Joan of Kent, the Fair Maid of Kent, such a romantic story!

“Here’s the question that nagged and nagged until I just had to take it on,” admits Emma Campion, author of A Triple Knot.

“If her marriage to Prince Edward was so happy, why did Joan choose to be buried with her first husband, Thomas Holland, a mere knight for most of his life, Duke of Kent only at the end (for just a matter of months)? Why would she give up being buried beside her beloved Edward? A royal burial?”

I’m drawn to strong female protagonists, especially those who struggle to define themselves within (and against) the traditional roles of daughter, wife, and mother.

“Here are six works of historical fiction that explore the lives of pioneering women and how their experiences challenge their notions of love, marriage, and loyalty,” offers Erin Lindsay McCabe, author of I Shall Be Near to You.

Check out Erin’s list for classics like Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner and recent bestsellers like Away by Amy Bloom, plus little-heard-of gems you’ll be excited to discover!

When I discovered her letters, I just couldn’t believe I’d never heard of her!

“The inspiration for I Shall Be Near to You was the Civil War letters that Rosetta Wakeman wrote home to her family while she was serving as a private in the Union Army,” shares author Erin Lindsay McCabe.

“Then when I learned that hundreds of women fought in the Civil War, I was even more shocked.”

Dive into the read in our sneak peek and be among the first to read I Shall Be Near to You!

Best enjoyed in a steaming, flower-scented pink bubblebath with a pot of tea and a plate of macarons . . . this is the perfect book to indulge in on a rainy day.

When outside is grey and miserable and summer has well and truly ended, there’s nothing like comfort reading.

“My perennial favorite for cheering me up on a dull September day is Lauren Willig’s The Secret History of the Pink Carnation,” says Kaite Welsh. “It’s the first in her series about a group of spies who take up where the Scarlet Pimpernel left off, rescuing aristocrats from the guillotine and generally romping around Paris at the height of the French Revolution causing delightful mayhem.”

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Watch debut author Janice Clark describe her love for libraries during the Random House Library Marketing’s BEA Breakfast 2013.

“My sister is a librarian,” says Janice Clark. “She runs the book club and blogs about fiction for the library …. So I have a pretty good idea of all that librarians do to instill and promote the love of reading. And whenever my stack of books is getting low I just ask my sister what’s new and good, and she always has wonderful recommendations. It’s priceless to have someone whose opinion you really value help you find books you’ll love among the millions out there.”