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Scott Sigler ‘Junkies’ and Siglerverse Tattoos

Scott Sigler's fans are so addicted they call themselves "Junkies" and so devoted they tattoo themselves with images from the Siglerverse.

“Folks that choose the Siglerverse as the starting place for their body art are super cool in our book,” says A Kovacs, Director of Døøm at Empty Set Entertainment.

“Scott’s always blown away by someone loving something in one of the stories enough to permanently ink it on themselves. How cool is it? It’s one surefire way to get yourself written into a Sigler story. That’s right: you get inked with something Siglerverse related, Scott will write you into the Siglerverse. Boom.”

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Congrats to Janet M., Emma S., Stephen S., Traci C., Shanaee M., and 95 other members of the Read It Forward community! Their entries were selected at random to win a Pandemic by Scott Sigler.

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About the Author

SCOTT SIGLER’s fiction podcasts have drawn a huge and devoted following. His serialized stories have held the number one position in all the podcast indexes, including iTunes. Scott’s first hardcover release, Infected, was translated into a dozen languages and is being adapted for film by Random House Films/Rogue Pictures. Scott lives in San Francisco with his wife and their dog. Visit him online at
  • Kate_at_RIF

    Ok that is some amazingly dedicated ink! I’m going to go back in time and smack 21 year old Kate for not getting a more epic tattoo…

  • lpappas

    Won a copy! Can’t wait to read Pandemic!

  • dopey1947

    This is the first book of Scott’s that I will be reading. I’m sure I will be reading more of his books and get just as hooked as everyone else. I am really looking forward to receiving my book and I thank you all so much for the opportunity.

  • grabbestoffers us

    Painful tattoos but looking nice.

  • grabbestoffers us