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My ‘Read It Forward Moment’ with a Novel by Roland Merullo

We all have them. Those moments when we give a book we love to a friend, when someone shares a favorite book with us.

I had a ‘Read It Forward Moment’ with Roland Merullo’s A Little Love Story. His newest novel, Vatican Waltz, is sure to inspire readers to pass it on. Reviewers rave about Merullo’s fiction!

“Captivating . . . [Merullo] is adept at creating suspense, planting credible red herrings, and finally spilling the truth at just the right moment.” —Boston Globe

“Merullo has a knack for rendering emotional complexities, paradoxes, or impasses in a mere turn of the phrase.” —Chicago Tribune

“[Merullo] is simply a throwback to the days when novels by serious writers—Stevenson, Conrad, Greene—often had what are called ‘plots.’ ” —St. Petersburg Times


Congrats to Sandy O., Linda A., Amanda S., Gary P., Benjamin K., and 45 other members of the Read It Forward community! Their entries were selected at random to win a copies of Vatican Waltz by Roland Merullo.

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About the Author

ROLAND MERULLO is the author of the Revere Beach trilogy, A Little Love Story, Golfing with God, and Breakfast with Buddha. A graduate of Brown University, he lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two children. Visit him online at
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