Critics Rave Good for Book Clubs

Wall Street Journal Raves about If Trouble Don’t Kill Me by Ralph Berrier

The story of Clayton and Saford Hall is perhaps the ultimate country-music brother saga of all….[I]n their heyday the Hall twins were regional stars in their little neck of the woods in southwest Virginia, until World War II killed their professional music careers and nearly themselves as well. “Do not expect a tale of sorry old men reminiscing about the good old days,” author Ralph Berrier warns. “This is the adventure of young men, two brothers born pitiful and raised hard, who made beautiful things out of raw God-given talents. . . . I think of them as they appear in their own stories: vibrant, happy, strong.”

Meet the Author Good for Book Clubs

Author of Keeper Andrea Gillies on Being a Carer of Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

When I was a carer of someone with Alzheimer’s disease, my mother-in-law Nancy, I thought the fact that I’m a natural consumer of printed word, a gobbler of books and print information, would help me with my new role. I went out looking for guidance. Perhaps it was bad luck, but the books I found in my local bookshop were of the kind that reassure a carer that all will be well with the right approach: that, in effect, the happiness or otherwise of the person with dementia comes down to the right kind of handling.

Fan Favorites Good for Book Clubs

The Strength of Four Generations of Mothers and Daughters in Color Me Butterfly by L.Y. Marlow

Inspired by a true story, Color Me Butterfly follows four generations of mothers and daughters—haunted by a common specter of domestic abuse—as they discover the strength, hope, and courage to survive. It will take unconditional love, old-fashioned family values, faith, and fearless determination—already embedded in each woman’s DNA—to triumph over a life plagued with unspeakable pain.

Read It First Good for Book Clubs

Shift by Tim Kring and Dale Peck

A new caliber of thriller set at the collision of ’60s counterculture and the rise of dark forces in world government. Heroes creator Tim Kring injects history with a supernatural, hallucinogenic what-if. Set in the crucible of the 1960s, Shift is the story of Chandler Forrestal, a man whose life is changed forever when he is unwittingly dragged into a CIA mind-control experiment. After being given a massive dose of LSD, Chandler de­velops a frightening array of mental powers. With his one-in-a-billion brain chemistry, Chandler’s heightened perception uncovers a plot to assassi­nate President Kennedy.