Monthly Favorites

RIF’s Favorite Reads of May 2017

Helping you sort out the best from the rest published this month.

Author Essay

Gretchen Rubin Shows You How to Master Your Habits in Better Than Before

What's one everyday habit in your life you'd like to change? Tell us in the comments!

By • 2 years ago
Your Reading Life

What To Do When You Hate Your Friend’s Favorite Book

What methods have you found most effective for delicately telling your friends you disliked their book recommendations?

By • 2 years ago

Reader’s Guide for My Life in Middlemarch

A wise and revealing exploration of the ways in which literature shapes our lives, My Life in Middlemarch will delight your reading group. We hope the questions that follow will enrich your journey.

By • 2 years ago
Your Reading Life

National Book Critics Circle Announces 2014 Finalists

Your TBR pile just got bigger. You're welcome.

By • 2 years ago
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