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Top 25 RIF Recommendations
(Plus the 2,600 Runners Up)

We asked you to tell us what you're reading these days and you certainly didn't disappoint!

By • 3 years ago
Your Reading Life

Reader Spotlight: The Dead Do Not Improve

"Odd, dark, comical, confusing," says RIFer Sharon. "It brought to mind Steve Erickson and David Foster Wallace.

By • 3 years ago
Your Reading Life

5 Tragic Mothers in Literature

Kira Walton shares her favorite literary Moms - from the classic Mrs. Dalloway to recent bestseller Room to debut novel Mother, Mother.

By • 3 years ago
Author Essay

Violence and Making Sense: an Essay from Jay Caspian Kang

Cho Seung-Hui, the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre, was a Korean American from the South who had entered college with dreams, however mangled and bizarre, of becoming a writer. That same sentence could have been written about me.

By Jay Caspian Kang, author of The Dead Do Not Improve • 3 years ago

Start Reading Hag-Seed

By Margaret Atwood

Earth is a Planet

By Mike Massimino
Your Reading Life

The Most Unforgettable “Mom” You’ve Ever Read?

We asked members of the Read It Forward community to tell us about unforgettable literary Moms.

By • 3 years ago
Your Reading Life

What’s Your Favorite Mother’s Day Book?

What's your favorite Mother's Day book? It could be a book you've given as a gift to a mom in your life, a book with an unforgettable "Mom" character, or a book you're hoping to get this Mother's Day! Tell us in a comment!

By • 3 years ago
Your Reading Life

Reader Spotlight: A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

"The story was so very well-written that it stayed in my head after I was done," says RIFer Elizabeth. "I actually went back and read the last chapter again the following day. I look forward to hearing more from Anthony Marra."

By • 3 years ago
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