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RIF’s Favorite Reads of May 2017

Helping you sort out the best from the rest published this month.


I Take You Is “Dark, Audacious Chick Lit”

Most chick lit novels don’t open with a woman, days before her wedding, having sex with someone who is not her fiancé.

By • 2 years ago
Author Essay

When a Book Becomes a Calling

Forty years after the Fall of Saigon, and fifty years since our nation’s involvement in a conflict that became a long and bloody war in Vietnam, I began to reflect on the journey that has led me to tell the stories of those who serve.

By • 2 years ago
Your Reading Life

Our Dream Collection of Literary Shirts

We believe in celebrating our love of books in a sartorial way.

By • 2 years ago

Books for Sassy, Smart, Impulsive Women (Like Me)

Curated by Lily Wilder, heroine of I Take You by Eliza Kennedy.

By Eliza Kennedy • 2 years ago
Your Reading Life

Reading Against the Tide

Have you ever been disappointed or embarrassed that you didn't like a book that everyone else did? Or have there been books that you adored but others didn't?

By • 2 years ago

Conversation with Chris Beckett, author of Mother of Eden

Chris Beckett, author of Dark Eden and Mother of Eden, debunks stereotypes about literary fiction and science fiction.

By • 2 years ago
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