Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

Fun Reading for Recent Grads: Part Four

You learned how the fetishization of technology turned us all into a mass of automatons, now it’s time you learned how technology made a couple of drop-outs insanely rich.

“Hey Einstein, what the heck are you doing?! Why is that 1048-page behemoth sitting in front of you?” asks Anderson Evans of other recent grads.

“I’m telling you, reading books in today’s world is done (by most people) for pure enjoyment! I know you’ve probably forgotten that, to you reading is work . . . and I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but . . . that’s over now. It’s over.”

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Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

The Twitterverse as Seen Through Your Favorite Authors

From Jodi Picoult to Bret Easton Ellis to R.L. Stine – authors on Twitter to tickle your tweets.

“Just as there’s not enough room in a lifetime to read every author, so is there not enough room to sort through every author’s Twitter feed,” Rachel Goldberg observes.

“Part of how I keep up with the literary world is by following the sometimes prolific and sometimes just downright hilarious members of the Twitter literature elite. My favorite authors don’t always make the cut (think dead or too verbose for 140 characters), and others whom I’ve never considered reading have somehow wound up on my feed.”

Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

Finding Common Ground Through the Written Word

What happens when you discover your grumpy Russian stereo repair guy reads Harry Potter?

“This is why I love books,” recalls Emily Ansara Baines. “While Sammy and I did not share a common ancestry or even language, we both shared an appreciation for a good story. We didn’t have to agree with one another’s opinions to respect one another.

Thanks to Harry Potter, my Russian stereo savior and I reached a common ground.”

Author Essay Good for Book Clubs

Debut Novelist Janice Clark on Her Love for Libraries

Watch debut author Janice Clark describe her love for libraries during the Random House Library Marketing’s BEA Breakfast 2013.

“My sister is a librarian,” says Janice Clark. “She runs the book club and blogs about fiction for the library …. So I have a pretty good idea of all that librarians do to instill and promote the love of reading. And whenever my stack of books is getting low I just ask my sister what’s new and good, and she always has wonderful recommendations. It’s priceless to have someone whose opinion you really value help you find books you’ll love among the millions out there.”

Author Essay Good for Book Clubs

5 Books That Taught Me About Bravery

Once you start wondering about bravery, what it is and what it means, you soon start to see it everywhere.

“It’s there in every sort of human struggle from the first bold moves of infancy to the last breaths of old age,” writes author Polly Morland.

“And courage is the very lifeblood of our stories too. Stories are in large part how we work out what courage is. You’d be pushed to find a brave soul – and believe me, I’ve looked – who has not, to some extent, been motivated or inspired by a tale of courage from somewhere.”

Giveaways Good for Book Clubs

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Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

Fun Reading for Recent Grads: Part Three

Recent economics grads! You finished your Ph.D., now go out and make some real money! These are the books you need.

“The 21st century academic has been systematically stripped of his/her love of reading for reading’s sake,” writes Anderson Evans.

“The protagonist, antagonist, rising action, and denouement have risen above hero, villain, and story. Too many lambdas, ratios, and square roots of pi have 2+2 equalling five, and in the real world this can create a situation your run-of-the-mill sigma cum laude just wasn’t prepared for.”

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Your Reading Life Good for Book Clubs

Faulkner Would Have Crashed and Burned on Twitter

Books and technology: I’m reading all the time now, even when I’m not always conscious of it.

“For a long time I felt that books were somehow sacred, something that technology should not touch,” admits Rachel Goldberg.

“Now it’s become a sort of song and dance, a wonderful fusion of reading bursts throughout the day and prose at night, a mix of the instant quick hits of internet articles paired with the eventual curling up on the couch with my hardcover novel.”