Meet the Editor Good for Book Clubs

Editor Rachel Klayman on the Making of a Bestseller

Most authors have no idea of the pressure on editors to sum up their books in one or, if we’re lucky, two tidy sentences. No pressure, of course: Just capture the Platonic essence of the book in a way that triggers exhilaration and confidence in your marketing and publicity team and the desire to order stackable quantities in booksellers. Yet even as I mock this ritual, I remember my first real job in publishing, as a sales rep at Columbia University Press, and the importance of being able to pitch a book with economy. I chafe, sometimes I cringe—yet I usually manage to write the sentence.

Fan Favorites Good for Book Clubs

The Last Secret by Mary McGarry Morris

Reviewers and readers agree that Mary McGarry Morris is a master storyteller:

“[I]ncredibly exciting.” —Ron Charles, The Washington Post
“[A] chilling psychological twist.” —Parade
“[An] engrossing page-turner.” —Wisconsin State Journal
“[A] shocking series of twists and turns.” —Feminist Review
“[A] memorable, cinematic novel.” —Library Journal

Book Group of the Month Good for Book Clubs

Reader Response: Where Does Your Book Group Meet?

Thanks to all of you who shared your book group stories last month! We love hearing about what you read and what makes for great discussion. This month, we’re kicking off a new Read It Forward feature. In every issue, we’ll ask you to respond to a question about book groups, and one lucky winner will win advance reader’s copies for your entire group: you’ll get to read a great new book before it hits the shelves and may be featured in an upcoming issue of Read It Forward.

Meet the Author Good for Book Clubs

Meet Eve Brown-Waite, author of First Comes Love, then Comes Malaria

Learn how a Peace Corps poster boy won author Eve Brown-Waite’s heart and how a third-world adventure changed her life. There’s laughter, there’s tears, there’s adventure and plenty of food for thought. There’s also the possibility of having the author talk to your book club either in person, by phone, or by webcast.

What reviews are saying about First Comes Love, then Comes Malaria :

“A laugh-out-loud debut about humanitarian work . . . . As revealing as it is entertaining.” —Kirkus Reviews

“With an appealing, down-to-earth voice, Brown-Waite chronicles her adventures abroad in an accessible, humorous tone sure to appeal to armchair travelers.”—Booklist

Meet the Author Good for Book Clubs

Marc Morrone, Martha Stewart’s Pet Expert, on Springtime with Your Pets

Marc Morrone offers great advice for keeping your pets happy and healthy in springtime.

Tell us about how you and your pets are welcoming spring! Add your comment below to enter for your chance to win a signed copy of A Man for All Species. Five lucky winners will also receive their choice of one of Marc’s other books: Ask the Bird Keeper, Ask the Dog Keeper, Ask the Cat Keeper, or Ask the Fish Keeper. Winners chosen at random. Quantities limited. No purchase necessary.