Debby’s book group – the Temple Har Shalom Evening Book Group from Warren, NJ – met recently and had a lively discussion of In the Garden of Beasts. “As a group of Jewish women,” Debby shared with RIF, “we were interested in the Jewish issues that came up throughout the book, including the anti-Semitism of some U.S. government officials – and perhaps the Dodds themselves – as well as the often-asked question of what could have been done to stop Hitler, if anything.”

“Doc Holliday has always fascinated me,” says Lisa Casper of Tattered Cover Book Store. “Maybe it’s because of all the movies, or because he had TB and died young like my grandmother, or because I was exposed to TB and had to take pills for a year which was scary. But I think it’s mainly because I love all things Western and the larger-than-life characters that seem to take root in the western landscape.”

“I love this book, it’s brilliant, amazing,” says Molly about David Benioff’s City of Thieves. “The funny thing about this book: it was given to me originally on a single piece of paper. I was an editor at Viking, and I was working with David – who’s a friend and a brilliant writer – and when he gave me this piece of paper, I was skeptical about what it would become and how it would become a great novel. But in fact it did. I can’t encourage you enough to read City of Thieves. I gave it to my friends – and I have many people say to me that they pass it on to everyone they know.”

“As a teenager, I swore in my adult life there were two things I would never do,” admits Keith Dixon. “I would never get married. And, I would never live in New York City. Cooking for Gracie is another thing I never expected to happen – from the beginning of my writing career, I always wanted to be a novelist and nothing else, to grapple exclusively with the big sweeping narrative dreamlands. I never much considered the possibility of writing a memoir, or – even stranger – a memoir with recipes. And yet that’s exactly what I’ve done, or at any rate been led to do.”

“I took Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants on a family trip to the beach and immediately fell in love with the story,” says book publicist Anna Mintz. “I finished it in less in two days and gave it to my mom and said ‘You have to read this book!’ She turned around and read it in two days and absolutely loved it. We both left the beach with a happy, healthy tan and a new favorite book!”

The third installment in our Share Your Read It Forward Moment series is here! “I Totally Meant to Do That is Jane Borden’s transformation from southern belle to Brooklyn hipster,” says book publicist Justina Batchelor, “it’s about being a southerner in the city, which I can relate to because I am one myself. So I passed this book on to all the other southerners in the city I know. But because Jane is like a female David Sedaris, I think anyone with a sense of humor can really appreciate this book.”