Your Reading Life

A Tour Through London’s Literary History

On a recent holiday in the U.K., Read it Forward's editor found a bibliophile's dream vacation.


The Need to Read

Your Reading Life

Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman

Gaiman’s introduction warns that “[t]here are things in this book, as in life, that might upset you. There is death and pain in here, tears and discomfort, violence of all kinds, cruelty, even abuse.”

By • 2 years ago
Author Essay

Two Types of Violence We Encounter As Readers

What do you think of violence in books and film? Do you agree with Cynthia Bond that sometimes we have to portray violence in order to truly tell a story? Let's talk in the comments.

By Cynthia Bond, author of Ruby • 2 years ago
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