“I am delighted that these early novels, which I published under my maiden name, Lisa Miscione, have found a new life on the shelves and a new home with the stellar team at Broadway Books,” says Lisa Unger, bestselling author of Darkness, My Old Friend. “I know a lot of authors wish their early books would just disappear, because they’ve come so far as writers since they first began their careers. And I understand that, because we would all go back and rewrite everything if we could. But I have a special place in my heart for these flawed, sometimes funny, complicated characters and their wild, action-packed stories.”

The Informationist is a thriller, mystery, and Africa travel guide (to the places you do not want to visit) all rolled into one,” says Marisa of the book blog MarisaReadsItAndWritesIt. “It is amazing, and I could not stop reading it. Imagine my happiness when I found out that a second Vanessa Michael Monroe book is coming out in December!!! READ THIS BOOK!”

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Read It Forward interviews bestselling author Chris Bohjalian, who reveals why he chose to write a ghost story and how he approached writing his characters. “I tended to approach my ghosts with the same basic criteria I have for my breathing characters,” he tells us. “If presented with certain stimuli, how will they respond? What will they do, given who they are? That was what I was thinking about most often. I wanted their behavior to make sense to readers.” He also shares his adventures researching his latest novel The Night Strangers, which included experiencing an underwater simulated plane crash! RIFers in book groups: be sure to enter our very special sweepstakes for The Night Strangers, brought to you by Read It Forward and Cabot Creamery.

New York Times bestselling author, acclaimed biographer, and film historian Marc Eliot captures the complexity of Hollywood screen legend Steve McQueen. Chronicling McQueen’s tumultuous life both on and off the screen, from his hardscrabble childhood to his rise to Hollywood superstar status, to his struggles with alcohol and drugs and his fervor for racing fast cars and motorcycles, Eliot discloses intimate details of McQueen’s three marriages, including his tumultuous relationships with Neile Adams and Ali MacGraw, as well as his numerous affairs.