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“Chechnya Magnifies Moral Conflicts in Extraordinary Ways” Says Anthony Marra

Q. Why write about Chechnya?

A. I first became interested in the region as a college student in St. Petersburg. I realized that Chechnya was a place I didn’t know how to spell and couldn’t find on a map, but the ramifications of the wars there had reached as far north as Petersburg, where on a daily basis I saw Russian veterans soliciting for alms in the Metro stations.

I began reading nonfiction accounts of Chechnya and quickly became fascinated. The accounts I read of ordinary people in remarkable situations were the kinds of stories that I felt needed to be brought to life through fiction.

Bonus Book Content Good for Book Clubs

What Does A Constellation of Vital Phenomena Ultimately Say about Anguish and Joy?

We hope that the following questions will enhance your reading group’s discussion of this stirring meditation on loss and redemption.

In this haunting masterwork, award-winning author Anthony Marra transports us to a snow-covered village in Chechnya. It is 2004, and an eight-year-old girl has just watched Russian soldiers abduct her father and set fire to her house in the middle of the night. Fearing the worst, their lifelong neighbor Akhmed rescues the girl and seeks refuge at the bombed-out hospital. Over the course of five extraordinary days, their worlds will unravel in unimaginable ways, culminating in a breathtaking, ultimately affirming turn of fate.

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Dark Eden Named the Best Science Fiction Novel of 2013

Published in the U.K. to wide acclaim, Dark Eden won the 2013 Arthur C Clarke Award for the Best Science Fiction Novel of the Year.

“A linguistic and imaginative tour de force.”
The Guardian (UK)

“Captivating and haunting…human plight and alien planet are both superbly evoked.”
Daily Mail (UK)

“Pure astonishment and pleasure, a storytelling ride full of brio and wonder.”

Giveaways Good for Book Clubs

Recipes from The Go Red for Women Cookbook

The Go Red For Women Cookbook helps you stick to your health goals with recipes for guilt-free drinks, appetizers, dinners, and desserts for gatherings with friends and breakfasts on the go, brown-bag lunches, and snacks for the whole family.

We have a treat for you! A heart-healthy recipe for Chocolate and Red Wine Mini Cupcakes. Rich red wine gives these small indulgences big flavor and deep, dark color that hides a mystery ingredient: beets! The ruby-red roots add sweetness and moisture while tinting the frosting a pretty pink.

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Falling in Love with Reading

You could compare reading to a relationship.

It’s there for you at the end of a long day. It can make you laugh and cry. Sometimes it’s a struggle, and you have to work at it. But one thing all readers know it that this isn’t some casual fling. You’re in it for the long haul. This is a lifelong affair.

But where did it start? Like a first kiss, you remember your first experience with reading forever. And like all first kisses, it’s more complicated than that.

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Sneak Peek of Lincoln in the World

A captivating look at how Abraham Lincoln evolved into one of our seminal foreign-policy presidents—and helped point the way to America’s rise to world power.

In the cold, dim balcony of Ford’s Theatre, Mary Lincoln rested a hand on her husband’s knee, then huddled closer to his side. She was not always such a tender wife.

During spells of anger, she had been known to batter her husband with broomsticks, books, timber, and “very poorly pitched potatoes”—at least once drawing blood from his nose.

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Early Praise for The Accident by Chris Pavone

“Full of constant surprises, The Accident is jam-packed with everything from media moguls to conspiracies. This is a truly great read!” —Suspense Magazine

Literary agent Isabel Reed is turning the final pages of a mysterious, anonymous manuscript, racing through the explosive revelations about powerful people. In Copenhagen, veteran CIA operative Hayden Gray, determined that this sweeping story be buried, is suddenly staring down the barrel of an unexpected gun. And in Zurich, the author himself is hiding in a shadowy expat life, trying to atone for a lifetime’s worth of lies and betrayals with publication of The Accident, while always looking over his shoulder.

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My Weakness When Traveling? Airport Bookstores

I might not be able to afford a first class seat, but thanks to airport bookstores I can usually find a first-class read.

Airport bookstores bestow me with a freedom I lack when visiting my local shops.

At an airport bookstore, I can pick up the latest Game of Thrones or Anne Perry mystery and not worry that I’m ignoring some unknown writer who needs my support. I can catch up on the more “popular” fare, which more often than not makes for an engaging plane ride.