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The Tiger’s Wife, a Book I Loved and Lost

I have been told that there are only two kinds of stories: a person leaves home, and a stranger comes to town. But as any true book lover knows, this overlooks the “I was stuck in a dirty Parisian hostel, and this was the only thing between me and the bed bugs” story, the “I just re-discovered this, and it’s even better the second time” story, the “I’ll turn out the light after just one more page” story, the “I don’t ever want this to end” story. For an editor, there is also the “if I don’t work on this book, I will die” story, a particularly rare breed that, like many things, you only know when you see it.

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Erik Larson’s In the Garden of Beasts Facebook Giveaway

Read It Forward loves Erik Larson – his books, his blog, the way he lets us inside “the author’s lair,” his candid talk about where he gets ideas for his books. He wanders the library stacks, he reads newspaper obits, he visits museums when he’s on tour. “Mostly, though, I have no idea where my ideas come from,” he admits, “They rise to the surface over time like methane in a swamp, waiting to be ignited by some small spark.”